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Kana Copypasta

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'''Kana Little Sister''' is an infamous Eroge that chronicles the life of the main character's dying sister, Kana. The game is famous in the *chan world for not only being lengthy and detailed, but also being so sad it acts counter productively to the intent of the game (to get you off).

One note: Never before has a /b/tard been able to honestly admit he did not cry to this game. You will cry at the (main) ending of this game. If you did not, you didn't read hard enough.

== Kana Copypasta ==

=== I Love My Little Sister ===

: ''Note: This is normally broken up into several posts, accompanied by screencaps from the '''H-game''' "Kana Little Sister."''

I love my little sister.

I love my sister very much.

I really love my sister.

There is no one I love more than my sister.

My sister has become a beautiful woman.

My sister and I are one person in two bodies.

No one is cuter when they orgasm than my little sister.

How did this start, you ask?

One day I saw my sister in her room. She was saying


She realized I was spying on her and showed up at my door, naked.

The choice lay before my eyes.

I made the right choice.

That day, I discovered my sister's beauty.

My cute little sister has always loved me.

I could not believe that my sister could love me. And yet, she did. I could feel, that night, as I made brotherly love to her. I could feel the desire in her slippery womanhood as it yearningly sucked in my fingers.

I could not bear it any longer. I placed my manhood next to her womanhood. In that moment, we were not just brother and sister, but man and woman. I looked into my cute sister's eyes and silently apologized for the pain I was going to cause her. Her adoring eyes forgave me, and I made myself one with her. My sister screamed, but she held me tightly, not letting me leave her, keeping me one with her.

I slowly began to rock her back and forth. It brought back memories of when I would hold my baby sister as a child. She often cried as a baby, but when I would rock her she would become calm.

Now, I am causing her to cry, but these are cries of pleasure. She calls out "Bro! Bro! I love you!" as I build to a climax. I tell her I love her. I am the only one who can give my little sister pleasure. I am hers, and she is mine. It feels like we are the only two people in the world.

Suddenly my sister arches her back and cries out. My cute baby sister has had her first orgasm.

As she lays there, out of breath, with sweat covering her beatiful, delicate body, her long brown hair in disarray, and tears of joy in her eyes, I realize my sister is the most beautiful woman in the world.

And that's the story of how I began making love to my beautiful little sister.

As we sit embracing each other in tender melancholy, I can only say one more thing...



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