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LOLcats are the shitty web 2.0 equivalent of Caturday. They are the prime example of how something of undeniable win, can be torn and twisted into the embodiment of absolute fail. They must be terminated. You will notice that the cat macros across MySpace and on people's iPhones have watermarks from these site. They are purifying our LULZ into LOL, and that's just not ok.

Table of Contents

Raiding LOLcat sites

  • If the site allows for unchecked image uploading, then upload all the scat, guro, ect you have.
  • If the site has admin approval for all pictures (or no uploading at all) then a full DDoS attack is needed.
  • You could try the little annoyance things like spamming the owner, but such things rarely award any worthwhile lulz. If an appropriate target is found, such as Eric Nakagawa (owner of ICHC, a primary target) and delivered to 4chan's /b/, a full Hal Turner style ownage could occur for lulz and our cats.


Primary Targets

Secondary Targets

More lolcats

Additional lolcat sites.



They just had to go fagging up EVERYTHING

Our peoples

Victory against LOLcats speech (preemptive)

Encyclopedia Dramatica page

Lulzcats Supa kawaii shock site, ne? ^_^

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