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Legion Etiquette

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So, you want to be a true anon? This page should help you act like one.

Legion Etiquette

The Legion is a destructive force of nameless, faceless assholes that lashes out from its dark midst every now and again only to leave a trail of downtime-related destruction and a flurry of quadruple digit bandwidth bills where ever it touches down. This effect is achieved because of two reasons:

  1. Anon is legion.
  2. Anon works almost as if it were a single body.

Although anon is to be feared and respected, he is weak without numbers and powerless without discipline.

Anon´s discipline is law. Those who break this law are disposed of, either by other anon or by a third party.

Legion Law

The legion does not follow the US Government's laws. Honestly, we don't give a shit about those monkey niggers in Congress.

  1. DO NOT MENTION ANY SPECIFIC CHAN. If you're going to credit the chans, say it was the work of anon. Crediting a specific chan is an easy way to get the 4chan Partyvan on their ass, and anon will be fucking pissed at you.
  2. Bandwidth rape is only viable as a FINAL strike, not the first blow. The more bandwidth rapeage that goes on, the harder it is for anon to post [Lulz]y shit on the site. If posting horse porn is Iwo Jima, bandwidth raep is Hiroshima.

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