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Loli Slave

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Note: I actually don't believe this to be true either, but spamming it doesn't help. It's up here because it's getting a lot of attention on 4chan, not because I believe it's real or something.

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Original Posts (17621561-17621582)

Dear /b/: I am the smartest man alive, and you will agree with this when you're done reading.

For the last six years I've lived down the street from this gorgeous little girl; her family moved in when she was eight, and she's currently thirteen years old and coming up on her birthday.

Two years ago, I began to find that I have become very aware of her patterns. Up at 6am, on the schoolbus at 6:15am, home at 4:45pm. Lacy (let's use that name from now on) attended an exclusive private elementary school, and apparently lived a very regimented life before I interrupted it. The bus that picked her up was the standard yellow, with her school's logo painted along the side. Because she lived so nearby, she was always the first to get on. I never saw any other kids besides her on the bus, and this is what originally set my mind in motion.

The first thing I did was to rent some storage space downtown. A nice little warehouse with a big, wide entrance accessible by car and plenty of room on the inside. This alone would not raise any red flags.

Afterwards, I immediately hit up the classifieds in search of a school bus, but eventually gave up when I realized that this would leave a paper trail. Instead I went asking around at shady garages and chop shops in an infamous portion of my town's indistrial district, and eventually found a former bus driver willing to part with his "fixer-upper" schoolbus for nineteen hundred. When I say fixer upper I mean it had an engine that ran, but it needed a new coat of paint and a lube quite badly.

I delivered the cash at midnight and parked my new bus in my rented warehouse under cover of darkness. I had work the next day and had to get home, but visions of lolis were dancing in my head and I found it difficult to fall asleep. Over the next two months I refurbished the hell out of the bus, working from photographs I'd covertly taken of Lacy's private school transport. I even got the painted logo on the side just perfect; you literally couldn't make out any differences between the two. I very nearly forgot the uniform, though. It wasn't until one week before I enacted my plan that I thought to buy a driver's uniform from the same supply company as Lacy's school. I was dressed the part, I had the wheels, and I was ready to go.

What of the real bus, you ask? Amatuer. I thought of that too. I slashed the tires and put sugar in the tank at 3am the day of the incident, giving me enough time to drive down to the warehouse and prep the bus before Lacy woke up for school. Six fifteen on the dot, she trots out of the house and stands expectantly on the corner as I drive up. Without even an ounce of hesitation she climbs aboard and finds her seat, and (though shaking with excitement) manage to maintain my composure as I carry her forever away from her unsuspecting parents.

"Where's Rufus?" she squeaks. I surmise that she has some kind of rapport with the regular driver, and I anwer in kind. "Out sick. I'm the spare. Buckle up, we have to make up for lost time." She does so, and doesn't notice that we're not headed to her school until I'm literally less than a mile from the warehouse. "This isn't the way to school", she says, the reality of her situation just beginning to dawn on her. "Engine's bad. I didn't want to say anything in case it worried you, but it's lucky we didn't come to a halt in the middle of traffic." This placated her for a few minutes, ensuring that she didn't catch on and scream for help before I could get the bus parked inside the warehouse.

Within minutes I had her bound and gagged. The warehouse had for some reason a sparesely furnished managerial office at the top of a flight of metal stairs, and this proved to be the perfect place to keep her. At no point were her bonds loosened, and I even returned the next day with a set of padded bondage handcuffs (yes I already had them. Is it so shocking that I'm a pervert) and chained her to the metal cot I had already bolted to the floor. I had carried out my bait n' switch so subtly that even the school didn't know for most of a day, and because my kidnapping hadn't visually appeared as anything out of the ordinary, there were no eyewitnesses who could offer any clues as to what had happened to Lacy.

She was eleven then. She is thirteen now. She will be my slave until I die a happy, over-sexed old man.



Fuck her in the pooper
Already have, many times. She cried the first few times before stockholm syndrome set in. Now she just cums buckets.


The cops would notice you were missing when they went round questioning.
Missing? I wasn't missing. I didn't start LIVING in there with her, just visiting every weekend.


how the hell do you keep her fed then?
I leave her with food. Nothing that needs cooking, stuff like crackers, sometimes veggies and fruit when she's good. I understand nutrition pretty well, she doesn't get sick very often and she's nice and thin but not really muscular or fit.


No, you couldn't just keep her tied up. She would atrophy away. You'd have to let her move around at some point.
Eight hours of sex on the weekends would be pretty fuckin' good excercise. Also she's not bound immovably to the bed, she's on a length of chain. She can move around if she wants, do situps, stuff like that. Plus I set up a TV in there.

I used to keep her gagged in case she screamed, but...something snapped. I don't know if she's happy how she is or whatever but she doesn't scream or try to escape anymore.


If she some how dies before you do, what would you do with all the evidence?
I hadn't thought that far ahead. I honestly expect to get caught at some point.
She's not gagged idiot. She was only gagged for the first week or two, during which time I visited every other day to feed her and clean up after her. She's scarred or something now, she speaks but rarely and never very loudly.
If I ever kidnapped someone as a sex slave I'd probably teach them something useful like painting, so she would have a creative outlet for her pain. I think it would be interesting to see the sort of art that trauma produces. Nurturing the girl I kidnapped and making her love me, making her a strong person even as my slave, is the sort of sic game I'd get off on the most.
That is a really fucking good idea, I'm gonna buy some art supplies this Friday.
Shit like this happens all the time in rural areas and Mexico.
God damnit I thought I was a genius or something


when you die what will happen to her? You are not gunna just her there. And what if you don't die an old man and you get killed on accident like a car crash or are mugged and killed what is to become of her?
I'll probably be caught long before I die of old age.


How the fuck do you afford the 1900$ bus and the rented warehouse?
No wife, no kids, small house with mortgage paid off and no habits to support. I won't say where I work, but if I had a family I wouldn't be able to afford this project.


as soon as the real bus failed to start, the bus driver would inform the school, and they would then send another bus to go get her.
They probably did. I didn't stick around to find out.
plus the fact that a high profile abduction like that would be ripe for any of the people who saw mr. genius driving his replacement bus around or anyone who sold him things to fix it up with.
Except that I only drove it once, to pick her up. Also, the dude I bought the bus from was a criminal. He wouldn't contact the police because he had his own ass to cover.


So is she still chained and shit? or has she accepted by now that there's no escape?
Still chained, but I take them off when I visit lately. There doesn't seem to be any point in keeping them on, she's grown to the point that she could probably yank the cot free from the bolts if she wanted to, the floor isn't metal it's this ceramic-like tile stuff.

She's probably strong enough to escape but she just doesn't try.


That she is the first person to board the bus is extremely strange luck.
No, she's the first one on the route.
You think bus dealers are dime a dozen?
There are plenty of uses schoolbusses out there from the 60's.
You can't simply just buy a school bus drivers uniform.
Have you ever tried? They're mass-manufactured by uniform supply companies from which anyone can order.

Legit Arguments of why this is bullshit

Post here.

  1. Claims to be living next door to the Mafia and that's why nobody checks on his warehouse. He probably lives inside an action movie.
  2. Bought a bus from a bus driver. Because, you know, bus drivers are auto mechanics who love buses.
  3. Was able to purchase a single uniform from the same supply company that makes uniforms for the school, without anyone thinking it in the least bit strange. (I'm not the person who wrote this argument; I think he would be able to BUY a uniform, but in the police investigation they would probably find his name when digging through stuff like this, right?)
  4. Claims to live modestly while having an upper class family living nearby.
  5. Claims that the person who should have been the usual bus driver of the loli on the day of the abduction was jailed. Claims that the police "figured the sugar in the tank and slashed tires were his alibi". He somehow believes that bus drivers all have their own bus right in their garage like they were personally owned, with the private school's insignia painted on it at that.
  6. First of all, it would require him to purchase a warehouse and never be checked upon, which would mean that he would have to either purchase it 100% (not cheap) or rent it, which would mean the rentors would check up on him. Being able to drive a school bus is very possible, but also possibly fraught with problems that would throw up red flags. As well, it is very unlikely that he was able to formulate this entire plan (The bus, the warehouse, etc) and for it to work so perfectly- in the real world, many "good ideas" do not work as well as they are touted to.
  7. The logistics of this just baffle me. How would he keep her clean? Keep her nails from becoming claws, keep her hair in order, that kind of thing? He'd have to have some method of doing it. She'd also need to be able to go to the toilet, or does he keep her in diapers or something? I know I wouldn't want to fuck a girl covered in shit with eight-inch nails, mophair and no meat on her at all, no matter how loli she was.
  8. How would he know where the bus driver lived to slash his tires? Besides, Buses are not personally owned by the driver, they stored in warehouses and yards, hell even in front of outlets with plenty of parking.
  9. If his nieghborhood is so bad HE can find chop shops, why don't the police know about hem? Better yet, why does a wealthy family live in a shithood with him?
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