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This page is a list of pages that require fixing of some form.

NOTE: Some imported pages are historical relics that may look like unfinished projects. Double check before adding or editing a page here.

Unfinished Projects / Pages

These pages are were started and have some content, but were abandoned. Some require continued attention.

Needs Maintenance

Mostly pages imported from wikis that did not use Markdown format. May overlap with unfinished projects.

Empty Pages

Kind of ironic that the empty pages section is empty.

Unsorted Pages

Completed pages that are not linked to by any page. For reference, all pages should be linked by the main pages in the sidebar, or any subpage of those.


Specific category of imported pages. While they were grouped back when the pages were on a wiki, now they are scattered. There may be other pages that share the same fate.

Misc Pages

If you have any doubts about whether a page should be edited, throw it here.


  • We should collect all the -chan pages into a category
  • Last read: Akanishi-Jin

Bibliotheca Anonoma

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