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Meat eating is gross

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Posted to /b/ with the accompanying image.

Like I said. I don't care if animals die.

I just think that animals are unclean. Why would you consume a cow that has been poorly fed and injected with all sorts of hormones? Why would you eat something that could very well be sick at the moment it died? Why would you put it in your body? Why would you eat something that eventually will clog your arteries? Because it tastes good? Is your life so empty that you have to get joy out of life by eating?

Real men eat vegetables. Eating meat is for lazy, stupid, fat, ugly people. Being a vegetarian/vegan/raw foodist is a sign of a thoughtful, disciplined individual. Even /b/ can't possibly argue that meat is manly, as nobody hunts their meat anymore, and that anybody from the toughest of the tough to the nerdiest, weakest fuck can go grab a burger. The real toughness comes from being disciplined enough to eat only plants. Fuck your meat, and fuck you slobs.

Meat eating is gross


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