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Future additions should be added in a chronological fashion to ensure that new instances of news are easily noticeable.

Anonymous and *chans have been mentioned several times in the mainstream media. This page is a part of the History section, and will cover some of these instances.

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Random 'Cyber Bullying'

Fox LA seems to have an anon fetish..




  • Faux 11
    • Fox 11 has actually done it twice; once directly at us, and once about MySpays, with some tongue-in-cheeck references and recycled footage. Here is the one specifically about us. "THEY CALL THEMSELVES ANONYMOUS."
    • Youtube


Thanks to the continued dedication of anon everywhere, there was a combined total of 72,000 passwords for myspace stolen and released, for the good of the internet (and lulz associated with it).

  • The Herald Sun:
    • Anonymous is KEYBOARD COWBOYS, like an organized crime syndicate.. OVER 62,000 PASSWORDS STOLEN!
  • Fox 11
    • Again? I think they have an anon fetish.
    • Youtube

FemNazi wars

What happens when women not only think they are equal, but that all men are rapists (lol).

  • Sydney Morning Herald
    • Though not an official on-air or in-print article, this opinion column deserves its right to be ridiculed. In a nutshell, some whiny little bitch named Anna Greer, who had butthurt from the Feminazi Raids, decided to write a BAAAAAAW opinion article of misogyny on the Internet.


It was not really a covering story on anonymous and exploding vans, it was a breaking of rules 1&2 on purpose, with the possible purpose of earning more attention. Major actions weren't taken, and epic lulz were not achieved in any way.


Not really a direct mention of us, but it is a product of the culmination of a long-running totse & /i/ raid, in association with some other sites. Anyways, JENKEM LOL


Second Life

Mostly the work of the Patriotic Nigras, Second Life has been cleared of aids several times.

  • Wired
    • This is not primarily about the chans or /i/, but we are mentioned in here. It is an article about "griefers", and it includes a description of a Patriotic Nigra raid, discusses Something Awful, and talks briefly about 4chan and /b/tards. This was in the Feburary 2008 edition of their magazine.
[edit] News Portal

This newspaper claims threats against John Travolta and Tom Cruise, as well as raids on their mansions.

A sample: “We have made our point outside their buildings and we will now make it outside the mansions where their big star members live and on the red carpets they walk in Hollywood“, the member said. (ANI) Retrieved from ""


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