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Molestation Cake

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Molestation Cake (Macaroné)


  • 150g of flour
  • 50g sugar + 150g cane sugar
  • 1 egg yolk + 3 egg whites
  • 75g of butter
  • 125g of ground almonds


  • mix the sugar and egg yolk in the flour, then slowly incorporate the softened butter
  • roll it in a ball and let it rest in the fridge for an hour
  • Mix the cane sugar and ground almonds
  • whisk the egg whites until you obtain nice beaten eggs
  • gently mix the two preparations
  • flatten the dough with a steamroller
  • put it in a slightly buttered pie tin
  • cover with the beaten eggs/almond mix
  • cook in oven at medium
  • take it out when it turns light brown

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