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Movie Recommendations

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Tired of the simplistic disposable tripe that is being packaged and sold to people in cinemas as "culture"? Tired of trolling IMDB for a good movie to watch but finding nothing of interest? Has another unfulfilling week ended and its Friday night, and you've already fapped and are on the verge of tears about how pathetic your life is?

Go watch some movies, its the next best thing. In the words of that faggot Dawson Leery, you can find the answers of all of life's problems in a Spielberg film. What a crock of shit, this is what Anonymii recommends.

Anon Recommends

  • Donnie Darko - Time travel, lolis, Jailbait, creepy bunny rolled into one neat package. Hilarious and deep at the same time, plus the soundtrack kicks fucking ass.
  • The United States of Leland - Features a pre-Notebook Ryan Gosling before his faggotosis, he gets sent to juvie for killing some kid.
  • American Beauty - in b4 artfag, faggot, etc. American Beauty is a ridiculously deep film, hot chicks who think they are deep (but are actually not) for some reason LOVE this movie. Watch it, understand it.
  • American Graffiti - Came straight out of the 70s, very old school flick, features what America used to be, some of it is pretty lulzy, the girls are gorgeous, plus Ron Howard before he turned all serious.
  • The Breakfast Club - I know i know, you see one teen flick and you've seen them all. Well this is the one to see, you can forget about everything else. In the words of Jay and Silent bob, "Judd Nelson was fuckin harsh"
  • Suburbia - Heavily based in dialogue, watch it before you turn 25 or you will think its stupid.
  • Kicking and Screaming - Again, heavily based in dialogue, very witty banter, watch before you graduate college, if you are even in college, you pathetic fuck.
  • Mysterious Skin - Pedophilia, Aliens, drugs, prostitution, whats not to like?
  • The Chumscrubber - Drugs. Lots of drugs.
  • Wonderboys - This one's for the literature freaks.
  • Citizen Kane, or how power and ambition corrupts a man - This is oldschool intellectual shit. It's not precisely the thing you would like to watch with your girl/boy, but as a movie, it's outright excellent. Deep philosophical stuff and plot twists that will blow your mind in an old-fashioned style.
  • 2001: A space odyssey - Now, you might be thinking "lol nerd faggot"; but 2001 is an excellent sci-fi oldschool film. It might stretch out a bit, but it's actually a nice little gem to watch, if you can actually get a hold of it.
  • A clockwork orange - More retro bullshit, woohoo. This movie gained a lot of controversy because it had RAPE and TRANGRESSION written all over it. It's basically about a guy with a hat that fucks everybody's shit alongside with his two friends. And the film was released in times that if the police could bust your ass if you were making out with your significant other in the street. It is another classic of a cocktail between horror, thriller, and rape.
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