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No Fap Fridays

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Anonymous (sage) 10/17/12(Wed)00:27 No.158863352

The first time I had sex I couldn't maintain an erection. The girl was hot too, she was about a 7/10, wide hips and a big ass and medium sized shapely tits. The exact kind of woman I had been fantasizing about for years. I later realized that my inability to keep it up was due to internet porn addiction. You probably don't think so because you're still a virgin, but if you you have been jerking it to porn frequently and for as long as I had before my first time (about 8 years) you'll probably have the same problem. And you were probably worried that you'd cum too fast. Your brain gets so used to having an insane variety of girls to choose from, you open like 20 tabs and watch a little bit of each until you finally find the one video or picture that tickles your fancy at that moment. Honestly my ED shouldn't have come as a surprise, even porn wasn't getting me that hard by the time I realized my problem.

I stopped masturbating and watching porn all together, it took about 8 weeks before I was able to get it up with just my imagination, and another two before I could keep it up with a girl and by that time my erections were monstrous. I had been so used to half mast while masturbating I had forgotten about the kind of dick straining beasts that used to pop up down there when I was in my mid teens.

All I am saying is preempt this problem now, before you get with a girl. Stop masturbating to porn all together, either abstain from masturbating entirely or do it once a week and use your imagination. Going outside helps you get fuel for your imagination, so that's an important point for the basement dwellers. Surprisingly, you'll also notice that your confidence improves around women. I don't know the exact reason for this but it is apparently a common thing, I certainly experienced it.

Anyway, good luck and beware of relapse.

Anonymous 10/17/12(Wed)00:35 No.158864125


I had the same problem the first few times I had sex. First time couldn't even keep a boner, and the next few times I couldn't cum.

The fapping thing actually never helped. I went for weeks one time before hooking up with a girl and I still had problems. It's more psychological than anything; you're just nervous about there being another person there expecting you to get a boner or cum. I personally never got it right until I just learned to relax and calm down.

The last bit you said is true though, going a long time without fapping does raise your energy and improve your mood.

Anonymous 10/17/12(Wed)00:36 No.158864172


Gary Wilson: TED - The Great Porn Experiment

Here, this video should explain and backup your claims.

Watching porn and stuff will give you anxiety, fuck up social skills, depression, etc.

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