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Nutbladder thread screencapProtect your nutbladders. Visit your doctor regularly Nutbladder is a minor meme on /a/. It started when an anonymous poster asked if it was possible to break the "wiring" in your penis from fapping too much, accompanied by a picture from Hidamari Sketch, an anime known for its unique "wide-faced" character design. As the thread progressed this anonymous elaborated on how his "penis engine" was broken. He said the wiring to his "nutbladder"("the bladder which holds the man essence") was lumpy and his "man essence" came out dirty (black and bloody). Among other things, he also explained how the characters in Hidamari Sketch turned him on and made his "nutbladder aching hurt," and how a doctor molested him while telling him to only fap twice a year. Several anonymii suggested he go to a doctor immediately because he might have a swollen prostate. It is unknown what happened to him, and whether or not he was a troll or just a retard. However, it is now customary in any Hidamari Sketch thread to make mention of how the pictures hurt your "nutbladder."

Nutbladder Fansub Group

There is a fansub group that releases animu under the name Nutbladder. They often do anime that no one else is doing (possibly due to licensing issues). One of the issues with their releases is that they are usually lower video quality though the subs themselves are good.

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