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The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a Gollum-based wiki designed to collect and safeguard the most important and interesting data from the internet, as well as make the best of it readable and accessible for netizens even while offline.

You could spend hours here: The stuff archived in it is extremely interesting. Click on the links to the right for more info.

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In the future, we will be remembered as those who protected free and universal access to our culture. We resisted and were rebels (according to the law of our times) and kept the copies of our culture: books, movies, music, all art… we saved it, and kept it in a safe place, so that someday, the people may have access to it once again, free from the stingy hands of corporations. - Eyko

It's well known that no matter how resilient the internet protocol is to damage, precious data disappears from the record daily, for many different reasons. Attempts to save such data with centralized websites are themselves frought with worry, as the example of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Geocities, and the closure of Megaupload show.

Why? In the spur of the moment, few have bothered to save the data that made the internet worth fighting for in the first place. Such data is notoriously fragile while on the changing landscape of the internet. History is made, but quickly forgotten, and stories are told once and never revisited again.


Additionally, recent events have caused worry over the future of the internet and of the data stored within those websites. SOPA/PIPA closing websites, ACTA for prosecuting linkers, PCIPA for keeping detailed logs on users, and so on.

These have sparked discussion on creating a new internet, free from the effects of copywrong. However, relatively little has been done to preserve the data that made the internet worth fighting for in the first place.

Additionally, this wiki is based on Gollum, a DVCS-based wiki which allows users to check out a copy to read, edit, put on their server, or even make a fork. This way, if the main site goes down, anyone with a clone could just put it on their own server.

In light of these all this, we've collected what we deem to be the greatest treasures of the internet in our Gollum-based wiki. This type of wiki allows users to clone it for reading and editing offline, mirror it, or even make a fork. If extended with Gittorrent or a working example, Hg-Freenet, the wiki could even be fully distributed.

These measures ensure that if our primary websites are ever taken down, anyone with a clone could simply make theirs public.

No matter what happens on the internet, this wiki will allow future generations to enjoy the works of our golden age.

You could spend hours of your time here: We have a sizable collection already. Click on the links to the right to check them out.


If you have anything that you believe needs to be saved, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sidebar
  2. Click on a category that your content fits under
  3. Add a link to your content in that page
  4. Click that link and start editing!

In order to make this project a success, we need lots of help. See Help to see what needs to be done.

Also, even with the ability to keep an independent local copy, Git is still heavily reliant on central servers. We need help building a Fully Decentralized Wiki, and this will require development of Gittorrent or Hg-Freenet.


Feel like getting in contact with some maintainers? Want to call attention to what needs to be done?

We have communities here for this sort of thing.

  • IRC Channel - irc:// #bibanon


Can't decide on what to read first? Use the sidebar to see a category that interests you, along with a list of articles within it.

You can also look at a list of the cream of the crop of this library's contents.

Not sure what to look at first? The wikipage Culturally Important Treasures has a list of the best stuff currently on this wiki.

Bibliotheca Anonoma

Note: This wiki has moved to a new website. Please update your links.


Check the Workroom for content we're still reviewing.





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