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Partyvan Network

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The Partyvan Network was an early coalition of anons who were instrumental in Anonymous's raids, and creating a more organized network outside of the distractions, the mods, and the sudden thrills of 4chan.

(This page is a mess, and we need more info about them. Need some help here.)

As told by januszeal

Origin of partyvan irc.

  • I'm not 100% sure of the order these events
  1. januszeal and Anima got bored, created helldive irc.
  2. Got a bunch of users from Bantown IRC during the days that weev glined every major ISP.
  3. Linked with wtfux
  4. Linked with Raidchan (oldfag note - #insurgency moved from EFnet to partyvan at this point)
  5. Linked with - At somepoint the network was renamed to lulznet
  6. Anima quit irc 4lyfe
  7. Linked with 7chan
  8. Caturday Nap - GOOD JOB kakama + januszeal + trapdoor, internet superheros - Network is renamed to partyvan
  9. 7chan link died due to massive abuse from opers, trapdoor ddoses the entire country of .au to stop it
  10. Raidchan split. Don't remember why
  11. wtfux splits.
  12. cacaw irc is created, 2 OVER 9000 users leave pv
  13. Great oper purge of 2008

(go on... What about


helldive/partyvan story from Xmas 09 --VanKrause 21:54, 27 April 2010 (UTC)

(20:38) here is a story
(20:38) about how
(20:38) the internet
(20:38) got flipped turned upside down
(20:39) so just sit right there
(20:39) i'll tell you how this irc became 
(20:39) something
(20:39) way back in the day i chilled on ED IRC
(20:39) then
(20:39) and i made a channel
(20:39) and ajt didn't give me oper
(20:39) so i made a network of my own
(20:39) with my bro inari
(20:39) and called it
(20:40) we gre
(20:40) grew
(20:40) and grew
(20:40) and growed more
(20:40) and then we linked with jihad's network 
(20:40) wtfux
(20:41) and the network was renamed to lulznet
(20:41) and #insurgency moved from efnet
(20:41) and we linked with raidchan
(20:41) and then we grew to like 500 users
(20:41) and then xenu happened
(20:41) 711chan
(20:41) joined
(20:41) we renamed to partyvan
(20:41) there were like 4000 users every day
(20:42) along the way wtfux left
(20:42) due to lolinternet
(20:42) raidchan was delinked after i ddosed the entire country of .au offline
(20:42) because they were operabusing cunts
(20:43) from your perspective it was helldrive
(20:43) dive
(20:43) and from the perspective of all those other people, stories intertwine
(20:43) what was helldive
(20:43) no here is why i say raidchan etc joined helldive
(20:44) and not the other way around
(20:44) because i was always in control of the bigger network
(20:44) then there was the whole kakama/caturday nap thing with 4chan & rizon
(20:44) smaller irc linked to larger network
(20:44) AlecVanKrause: that was right before raidchan delinked

Smattering of information by NekoArc

* madclown changes topic to 'made neko an oper hope thats ok , if not cocks ect.. | 
leave my glines there, they were for attempted blackmail of an ircop they are lucky im not pressing charges | 
get this `bopm' pig off my server'

In late November, NekoArc was added on as an oper to the Atlantis leaf of the network. At that time, there was the main server, Atlantis, Love, and Gorf. Around that time, people were harassing Artix over being a drama whore, and BLACK_MAN and the BMC made their appearance, compromising several channels and packeting the network into oblivion (causing a few servers to permanently delink). Around mid-December, there was talk about bringing up a mirror of Partyvan up, so as you can see, getting this shit going was in the works for quite a while. On December 20th, wtfux relinked with helldive. When that happened, for several days people flooded #wtfux in protest. Logs would be posted, but that would probably fill several books worth. In very late December, 03chan linked to minor success at the time A few weeks later, that leaf was removed as the 03chan admins are whiny faggots. On Jan 21st or so, there was some operdrama and Atlantis was juped from the network. Meanwhile, SeanieB joined the network and brought on his server. Since Atlantis left, NekoArc added Tsuki onto the network during that time. Shitdive still gay n fuck opers

Partyvan Founders

can i go in spk? Shortacat: thats staff only * Shortacat is now known as D4M14N D4M14N: still staff only i r staff D4M14N: prove it * Mengele ( has joined #insurgency im always in there :P * Zombocom is now known as Zombiecombo D4M14N: that means nothing r u staff? newlad no yes i am i have ssh access lies to two boxes prove it's password: either of them the hub? what pedro@localhost:~$ Pedrobear: fux u D4M14N: it doesnt matter if any of them are the hub, they currently hold more than 50% of the network load in them im a founder that should count for somthing :P and i'm the only active staff D4M14N: do you see waawaa in #spk anymore? yes waawaa created this network its okaygo and he isnt founder he came just after D4M14N: you're not founder either your point? founder is pretty much me, core, jz, luk0r and he isnt in #spk [13:00:35] [Users #spk] [13:00:35] [@[nig][samsclub]faggot] [ [nig]ItsNotLupus] [ Gibby] [ internets] [ Pedrobear] [ solar] [13:00:35] [@[nigzeal] ] [ aush0k`zzz ] [ ian ] [ januszeal] [ Rain ] [ swell] #SPK LEAKED okaygo is in there all the time OPER DROP D4M14N: he is never online anymore stop with all the bullshit Pedrobear is an oper? I have never been in spk nor do I care for it what's the big fucking deal ive seen him on there the other day no hes apparenlty not D4M14N: you're just a useless fag that never did anything for this channel or network and just begs for some sort of access i'm not oper but i can be do you want me to be I'd vote for Pedrobear . Pedrobear: are you anything i want you to be goddamn irssi and it's tab. there isnt a vote I'd still vote for Pedrobear. oper is a dictatorship lead by core Mengele: i'm everything you want me to be o u Doesn't matter there is but I'm saying I would've. anyway also opers are more lik Mengele: i can realize your deepest sexual fantasies aristocrats pedro exactly when did you appear Pedrobear: hot cause i actually did alot befor you were around ps how do i unset hilights halp founder of what founder of what D4M14N: sure founder of what founder of what fucking irssi founder of what founder of what goddamn Mengele: /unhilight FOUNDER OF BODY OF CHRIST i had half the fucking servers on this network at one point Mengele: iirc in during no one knows where this network came from Mengele: or /dehilight januszeal: i kinda do and held approx 75% of the users founders are my self and anima D4M14N: thats cool man enema januszeal: o i remember now you told me about that once didnt u u were irl and on the cellphone and kept pocketing us Pedrobear: cool thanks bra Mengele: np partyvan merged with whatever jz's network was (lulznet possibly?) nice one bra yes, lulznet lol no im not sure if thats what its called lol yes We loved lulznet D4M14N is a newfag :E cause after the merger we picked up the name lulznet for a while even i know more than him we named it partyvan after the merge and i got here during epilepsy raids D4M14N: stop trying lol it was ages ago i cant remember all that * fubar has quit (Connection reset by peer) D4M14N: everyone can but you even people that werent there know about it stop trying in during newfag inquisition. at least lurk some before trying but i do know originally it was me and luk0r on my 2 servers then he went out and merged them with jz's and the true partyvan was borne "borne" yeah fuck you missing d amirite D4M14N: nope lies jz more like matt damon amirite i remember that much Mengele: more like newfag trying to prove oldfag wrong Mengele: Thought the same thing JASON BOURNE we were just about to move #insurgency off efnet to partyvan when we decided to link with you then that delayed for a couple of days while we sorted out the link D4M14N: you say "originally" but this network was around at least a year before you came along then we tried linkin with one of the other chans which lasted a month befor massive operwars broke out and half the servers werenooped I only remember when I got here in the first place and that's not really important I don't remember getting here. =[ wintermute I remember /i/ being on 4chan. rele: i remember when i got here slowpoke was here so was selfish then auburn and deltantor Then i know i did a lot of drugs around that time, don't remember to much. and f0rked I went on hiatus during auburn And now we are here! :o and delacroix it was so cool f0rked was my friend, I miss him :( `seen f0rked You might see yourself in the mirror, Pedrobear... :o s/4chan/7chan/ OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD lol fucking auburn !! and so on :p /i/nsurgency was never on 4chan. :o Why did /i/ stop being on 7chan? it was /b/ Auburn = easiest guy to troll ever i remember always banning selfish hilarious lol yeah Fucking kiddo. Mengele: he trolls by acting trolled and trolling back (from my point of view) Pedrobear: brix were shat. Maybe * chaesong has quit (Ping timeout) rele: selfish was cool man jz i dont remember wher eyour half of the network came from, but we picked up the partyvan name when we first linked rele: he was hip and all Pedrobear: NO\ but pv was around befor the link no shut up :( GO AWAY I'M GONNA RUN GO AWAY GAY GERMAN 14 YEAR OLDS != COOL NEVER LOOK BACK AAAAAAAH whatever the lyrics to that linkin park song is again D4M14N: [13:07:49] D4M14N: stop trying rele: oh baby I'M GONNA RUN AWAY The link? NEVER GONNA SAY GOODBYE when was this/ * Pedrobear sets mode +m #insurgency lol you think im a fucking newfag i lol at you rofl ownd * rele ( has left #insurgency * rele ( has joined #insurgency * Pedrobear removes channel half-operator status from D4M14N pwnd xD * D4M14N (N3X15@ has left #insurgency * D4M14N (N3X15@ has joined #insurgency * [FBI] gives channel half-operator status to D4M14N * Pedrobear sets mode +i #insurgency * Pedrobear removes channel half-operator status from D4M14N * rele ( has left #insurgency pwnd roflz * Pedrobear sets mode -m #insurgency * Pedrobear sets mode -i #insurgency * rele ( has joined #insurgency lol cant take being proved wrong? so you +mi yeah for what 30 seconds? Stop bitchin. D4M14N: i dont think that you're a newfag and you didnt prove me wrong And get knockin hold on phone lol mentlegen * drusepth scoots closer to Pedrobear why are we fighting mentlegen good one we are all k/i/n and stuff * drusepth unzips Pedrobear's jeans [00:09] Mengele: more like newfag trying to prove oldfag wrong drusepth: wat drusepth: NO, put that down. drusepth: no brah we're not that close k let's not start that * drusepth bites off Pedrobear's penis * drusepth saved millions of underaged girls D4M14N: gg protip: the underage girls don't want to be saved D4M14N: ur smart * azure (p@rty.hard) has joined #insurgency what reminds me of anguished jew wat brb k any raids? no mostly aids lol i c what u did thar xD randum D4M14N: i admit i am a newfag, i got here after chanology, even though you're an oldfag you act like a retarded newfag, what you did before i was here or a long time ago or that you owned the servers that originated the roots of partyvan and founded the internet, no one fucking cares, it doesnt fucking matter D4M14N: stop trying to looking cool by showing off with your past deeds I thought you got here before chanology Pedr0? trying to look cool* Pedrobear, i thought you did too rele: i got here during the epilepsy raids well during hmm, alright naw pedro is newer than me strangely D : Doesn't change shit ^ Pedrobear: im opening firefox januszeal haha helldive 4lyfe haha januszeal: gj also helldive4lyfe I remember having a shell back on lulzhost :( januszeal: iirc in your irssi you named the /network helldive didnt you lol wheres the pv servers in there? i remember helldive now It's an article in making, be kind to him! lol I lol'd @ number 10 also i wasnt in the great oper purge of 2008 i was purged before :D fuck yes youtube cp .:10:19:53:. .:januszeal(+ANWaghiorswxz):. .:1:helldive (change with ^X):. .:Act: 3,5,6,7,9,11,12,14,16,17,18,19,20:.

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