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Hello public of 4Chan. I would just like to send a personal message to Moot.)

Dear Moot, my name is Cherryl-Ann Parsnip. I found your sight on my husbands computer (he uses an IBM) I would just like to make sure that you won't try any funny business.

To make sure you don't, I'd like to mention that my son (Furgus Parsnip) practiced Martial Arts for 4 years, so any funny business you try on our home IBM (such as glitches, hacks and similar) will be dealt with harshly.

I assure you, this is no threat. I just don't want the 2600 dollars to go to waste ( I bought this computer from a local technology store ).

Moot, if you didn't read my message due to it's length (Yes, I'm familiar with your lingo) Allow me to shorten it;

Don't glitch my home IBM computer or you will be in trouble. (The picture is one my son took his name is Furgus Parsnip mentioned previously)

-- Cherryl Ann Parsnip. ---P.S I will be glancing at this blog occasionally to see if moot decides to obey my requests.

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