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Pet Loli

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this isn't copypasta, /b/. I have a pet loli. well, not a pet, but she lives with me. She's now 12, I've had her for 2 years. No pics, I'm afraid of the FBI Party Vanning my ass.

So here's how it happened, one night during the summer I was driving down the highway back to my place from the beach. There was a nasty car crash on the road. No cops around, nothing. I almost clipped one of the cars before i noticed. So i stopped to check it out. the first car was gruesome, something that would haunt a normal person for a long time probably. poor bastard wasn't wearing a seatbelt i guess, i didn't inspect it too much. In the other car, there was a younger couple. I don't want to get into details, but I'm pretty sure they were dead too. I was just about to call the cops when i noticed something stir in the backseat. It was a little girl, buckled in, but passed out. Now, I knew went she came to, it'd be hell. The poor girl lost her parents, she'd probably have to tell the police what happened (like they can't figure it out) and then get put into a foster home or orphanage or something. I don't know exactly why, but I just scooped her up, and took her to my car. pic related.

I got her home and I cleaned her up, and she slowly started to come to. I was scared she would scream or run out the door or freak out or something, but she didn't. She asked me what happened, and instead of shielding her, I told her. I was completely honest about the whole thing, even how I picked her up. She didn't cry at first. She told me they were her foster parents. She hasn't seen her real parents since she was 6. I had a spare bedroom, and set it up for her to sleep in. She didn't want to sleep alone. What could i do? She was just in a horrific car crash, her foster parents dead. So she slept with me in my bed. It was completely innocent. I mean Jesus, after that night? I didn't sleep much, but she needed reassurance I guess, because she slowly starting snuggling up to me. The next night, it was the same thing. She seemed to need to cling to me in all the time in the house. At first I thought she might just take off and tell the neighbors, and the cops would bust down my door. But we actually talked about it. She liked living here, and hated foster homes. I made her promise she wouldn't tell anyone about this. I gave her all the freedom in the world. let her go on walks alone. Again, at first I was still scared, but I guess I didn't really care about getting caught. Besides, if she wanted to run away and I tried to stop her, she'd probably be able to. But she stayed. I'd teach her how to cook, do laundry, stuff around the house. She was eager to learn. She wanted to be helpful, and I was glad for the help. She always slept in my bed. It was just sot of the routine.

Buying clothes for her was a terrifying experience. I felt really awkward with this girl in public. but she was thrilled. She tried on clothes, asked me if she looked good. Well, she did. Too good for a 10 year old girl. Already she had a very girlish figure. Beef hormones and all that I guess. Breasts and a pronounced ass, but a small thing figure. My pedosense was tingling, and I was starting to feel pretty bad. I mean, exactly what were my intentions here? Was i going to raise her? I put that in the back of my mind. We bought enough clothes for her for now. I remember I was so paranoid i made sure to use cash instead of a credit card. I was terrified that someone would just suddenly put it together and call the cops. I used to be a much different man back then. Anyways, she was becoming more affectionate, she'd try on different clothes and show me, just like out of the Natalie Portman loli movie. Leon the Professional. She liked wearing my clothes the most. That was a sign i should have noticed.

One night, it went from caring cuddling to dirty cuddling. She's a smart girl, she knows what goes on down there. Well, it went on. She seemed ok with it. I was on my back, her snuggling up to me, my boner very visible, even with the blanket. She noticed it, and just snuggled up more. I was in panic mode. This girl was almost 11 now, and this was very very very wrong. But then she started kissing my neck. Where the fuck did kids learn this stuff? That's when I cracked. And we made out. Over the days it progressed from there, and soon i was eating her out, and eventually I taught her how to give oral. She's amazing now. Working on getting rid of her gag reflex. She says she really enjoys it. She likes making me happy. A few months later, she'd had a major growth spurt, and we started having real sex. So there you have it /b/. I have a cute loli, who i have sex with, living with me. Questions?

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