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Pound Cake

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*1/4th of the total weight of each: ** eggs (around 5 for a 1kg cake) ** sugar ** butter ** flour ** baking powder



Put everything in and mix, then put in buttered oven tray.


  1. Beat the white of the eggs until you obtain a smooth foam
  • beaten eggs are very sensitive so whenever adding a new ingredient in the mix, do it gradually and beat again to keep the paste the way it should be
  1. Mix the result with the sugar until you obtain a relatively homogeneous paste
  2. Put the butter in a pot and that pot in a water filled pan (called bain-marie or double boiler technique)
  3. Heat said water until the butter has completely melted
  4. Spread some of the melted butter in a tin, then powder some flour over it
  5. Preheat the oven at ~100/150°C
  6. Add the butter to the paste, then the flour, finally the egg yolk
  7. Stir until you obtain a smooth paste
  8. Add the baking powder, Stir for a good 5mins
  9. Put in the tin, then in the oven, leave it there for around 30mins then check up on it every now and then until it is thoroughly cooked.


This recipe is pretty basic and quite stout, you can add relatively anything in it, as long as it is in reasonable quantities.

Warning, this cake is only weak to liquid ingredients, you have to make sure the dough isn't too full of water, or it'll fuck up during the baking, add flour and other igredients if needed.

For example, add 1/4th of ground hazel nuts and it's called a royal mazourki. You can also add fruits, spices, etc.

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