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Project Mayhem

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Who knows what is happening here. Project Mayhem, named after the infamous plot in the movie "Fight Club", is a project by Anonymous to do something awesome at the supposed date of the end of the world, 12/21/12.

The only comprehensible thing they have released is an awesome video that is surprisingly worth watching.

I have no clue what the hell these guys want, what these guys are doing and have done, and I've hardly understood the cryptic mess that is their pastebin. But I have to say that it does have one redeeming feature.

The primary goal of Project Mayhem is to build something called TYLER. TYLER will be a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship. (Hey, that sounds familiar... Kind of like what this wiki is doing!)

While they haven't made a single design specification, plan, or group, they do talk a lot of bullshit about how awesome it will be in their pastebins.

Since the Bibliotheca Anonoma is working toward a similar goal of p2p distribution and decentralization of data storage, we've took on the task of filling in the blanks and turning glazed eye fantasies into tangible reality.

Our design specification is here.


See the [[Full Article|TYLER]].

Massively Distributed Uncensorable Collaborative Wiki-P2P Cipherspace Structure

In a project like, the role of the Editor is in great personal danger and in risk of being 'totally incapacitated' —CIA's phrase to refer to the act of presumably killing the 'Pentagon Papers' whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg— by potential enemies while it dramatically slows down the release process.

The article aims to solve this, by proposing the creation of a Massively Distributed Uncensorable Collaborative Wiki-P2P Cipherspace Structure that will implement a distributed and crowdsourced karma-based TRUST 'Authority' in order to maximize leaks visibility while minimizing information poisoning.

We honestly believe that this project and cryptography have the potential to completely turn upside down the role of citizen journalism in our society while helping to dramatically improve Justice and Freedom in the World.

Before it be published we would kindly like to invite you to read it and to give us your opinion about it.

Project Mayhem and Art

Please do not let the word 'mayhem' frighten you.

We considered the possibility that the idea be misunderstood with this name. Yet, at the same time, it plays with a powerful emotional response aimed at arising one what is in our opinion of the strongest means to 'hack' the human brain: curiosity. Machines are usually hacked via 'interlink bugs', while humans are usually hacked via 'limbic system' bugs, if you allow us the metaphore.

This curiosity leads to attention. And this takes us to the next phase in the project: Art.

You will see that it's not just a technical article but more like a 'mind virus'. As Julian says, 'people need to show COURAGE, not just technology. In a way, technology is often just a cipher to get people to drop their existing understandings, which are based on illusory fears. Illusory fear is enough for control.'

We have thought intensely about this as well, as we truly believe that a social revolution that seriously aims at hacking the society and all of its systems at the global scale cannot take place unless a personal inner revolution has taken place first.

We thorougly think that Art serves this function in the Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Or, in the words of Joseph Beuys:

"Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary power. Only art is capable of dismantling in order to build â??A SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ARTâ??. EVERY HUMAN BEING IS AN ARTIST who from his state of freedom the position of freedom that he experiences at first-hand learns to determine the other positions of the TOTAL ART WORK OF THE FUTURE SOCIAL ORDER.â? Joseph Beuys

After loads of 'brain hacking' and introspection, we have come to the conclusion that Courage and Creativity are powerfully connected in the Human Being: it takes loads of Courage to be an Artist. A REAL Artist.

Not just any kind of artist but one of those that dare to brake boundaries and to push the limits of our Consciousness as what we are capable of as species.

We see Artists as the pioneers of new realms of Consciousness: in our mind there's NO difference whatsoever between an Artist that breaks boundaries and a hacker, a scientist or a philosopher like yourself who pushes the systems to their limits and way beyond what is seen as 'possible'.

We see Art as hijacked by the market: in every human being sleeps an artist waiting to arise.

Project Mayhem aims to bring out the Artist in all of us as a way to breed the Courage needed to pursue our Freedom in the wider realms.

We plan to launch a 'call-to-arms' to artists everywhere in the world to 'subvert' their own Art by subtly injecting the phrase 'Project Mayhem 2012' in their works.

Media will see that this is not just a project about 'mayhem' but a call to action in the most positive and beautiful way: a call to honesty in all the realms of our social life.

Art has not only to be beautiful: it has to be HONEST, which is what we are aiming to happen within social institutions as well.

Read: Dangerous Idea #1 & #2 (Collecting Data)

Mutant Egregor Reality Hacking Wargame.




Time has come to encourage COURAGE and to issue a CALL TO HACKZION for PROJECT MAYHEM 2012.

Project Mayhem 2012 is a Mutant Egregor Reality-Hacking Wargame.

Reality Hacking is any phenomenon which EMERGES from the nonviolent use of legally ambiguous digital tools in pursuit of politically, socially or culturally subversive ends.

An Egregor (also "Egregore") is an occult concept representing a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an Egregor and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the CORPORATION (AS A LEGAL ENTITY) and the meme.

No 'perfectly ideal' p2p darknet design is going to be explained here.

Instead, we are going to do something WAY BETTER:

Project Mayhem 2012 is a [Metaheuristically/Hyper-heuristic] self-actualizing self-repairable IDEAS GENERATOR:

TYLER, its 'problem child', paraphrasing Albert Hoffman.

Project Mayhem 2012 is a passionated Swarm Intelligence Egregor, iMAGInaCKtive, ants/locusts/bees-colony alike, hard workingly playful, creative, Groucho Marxist, joy free and quasi-fnord free, fully open to friends and foes, transparent, independent, non-profit, apolitical but chaotically fnOrdered while dynamically Sampo-Adhocratic, non-violent though more than 'strike hard' capable, autonomous, self-sustained and sharing community to brainstorm ideas and coordinate volunteers everywhere in the development of TYLER.

Project Mayhem 2012 will be the biggest HACKARTISTIC joint challenge ever for the very top hacktivists, coders, cryptoanarchists, cypherpunks and non-violent Civil Rights, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS and to develop TYLER.

To avoid stalling, we won't aim at 'perfection': errors happen...

Everything is OK!

Any big problem is only a META-PROBLEM: a problem about solving problems: a microcosm SPIRAL that mimics the growth of a Macrocosmic SPIRAL.

'Almost good enough' might be MORE than a 'good enough' mentality. Less Syntactics, More Semantics.

Nobody knows everything that is known, but all together, we know it ALL.

'Evolutionary Computing', 'Adaptative Thinking', 'Dynamically Adhocratic' and 'Mutating problem solving' are key elements here.

We don't aim to find the 'best' solution, as there might be infinite ways to achieve a single goal: we aim to MOVE UPWARDS the spiral.

Or, in Herman Hesse's words:

"We have learned a lot, Siddhartha, there is still much to learn. We are not going around in circles, we are moving UP, the circle is a SPIRAL, we have already ascended many a level."

Obviously Project Mayhem 2012 will ALWAYS respect the Law:

we don't fight against ANYTHING: we will simply ADAPT around it, and then make it CHANGE to fit our Swarm Intelligence NEEDS of Peace, Justice, Freedom, Beauty and Truth.


Project Mayhem 2012 is a Worldwide GrouchoMarxist Re-Evolution Party celebration of Freedom.

Party not as in as in ['Black vs. White'/'Red vs. Gold'] but as in 'DOING IT 4 TEH LULZ'.

"There's nothing more dangerous than sometone who wants to make the world a better place. If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to wear a MASK. If you want to be HONEST then you have to live a LIE."

I like to think I have the guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no-one else believes in - like Peace and Justice and Freedom." — Banksy. Graffiti Ratist. PoeTic ERRORIST.


The Tabu word of our Zeitgeist.

Project Mayhem 2012 is a 'poeTic ERRORIST' invisible yet very palpable anti-anti-non-Corporation-but-MAYBE-Not:

we are all errorisTs errare humanum est

  1. ERRORISM: Concept and action are based on the idea that "error" is reality's principle of order.
  2. ERRORISM is a philosophically erroneous position, a ritual of negation, a disorganized organization: failure as perfection, error as appropriate move.
  3. The field of action of ERRORISM contains all those practices that aim at the LIBERATION of the human being and language.
  4. CONFUSION and SURPRISE, black humour and ABSURDITY are the favorite tools of the errorists.
  5. Lapses and failed acts are an ERRORIST delight.

ErrorisT International

"The poeTic ERRORIST behaves like a confidence-TRICKSTER whose aim is not money but CHANGE.

The medieval Assassins founded a "State" which consisted of a network of remote mountain valleys and castles, separated by thousands of miles, strategically invulnerable to invasion, connected by the information flow of secret agents, at war with all governments, and devoted only to KNOWLEDGE.

Where our KNOWLEDGE of BEAUTY harmonizes with the Ludus Naturae,

                   *** SORCERY BEGINS ***

No, not spoon-bending or horoscopy, not the Golden Dawn or make-believe shamanism, astral projection or the Satanic Mass --if it's mumbo jumbo you want, go for the real stuff, banking, politics, social science-- not that weak blavatskian crap." Hakim Bey. Pirate Utopias. T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone.

We are 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' We are EVERYWHERE. The fucking Illuminati is US! We guard you while you sleep. SO DO NOT FUCK WITH US.

Call to Action: Artists

Are you an Artist? Join our poeTic ERRORIST Re-Evolution and VANDALIZE your OWN Art by subtly injecting the phrase 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' on your works!

  1. The first rule of PM2012 is, you do talk about PM2012.
  2. The second rule of PM2012 is, you DO talk about PM2012.
  • Got a blog, a magazine, DJ Radio show? Talk about 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012'.

  • Got a camera? Upload a 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' video.

  • Got access to a TV station? Flash 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' in primetime!

  • Going to a public event?

    • Run naked with 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' written all over that hairy ass!
  • Are you Banksy?

  • Are you The Rolling Stones?

  • Coldplay? Ozzy Osbourne? Radiohead? Muse?

  • Lady Gaga or Yo-Yo Ma: EVERYBODY fits in Project Mayhem 2012.


Creative Human Beings: together, let's make the headlines big time!

be iMAGINhaCKtive! be CREATIVE! be LUDIC! be a Space Monkey!

Bibliotheca Anonoma

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