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Proposed Albums

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Suggestions for albums

Before suggesting a new album, see if your suggestion will fall under any other proposed album if so contribute to that album and get it released. Right now there are too many proposed albums that are taking too long to complete


For all the Red Army Comrades that serve anonymous

Shitloads of gpood Soviet/ Communists songs and remixes out there. Lots of song can be found at


For all the girly/gay songs we've missed so far.

Just an idea for the album, let me know if you have a better one.


For all of the memes that are dead/forgotten (Peanut Butter Jelly Time is an example)

Hey, if there's going to be a soundtrack on the internet, we'll have to pay tribute for the memes that have long died out.

If you really want to go that way, outside of Invasion of the Gabber Robots, already on another album, there's The Terrible Secret of Space by The Laziest Men on Mars, the Hampster Dance and the Ate my Balls anthem by Dave Lasher for one of the oldest meme ( There's also plenty of old 2channel and futaba songs.

/v/i/rgin's Paradise (tentative title)

For all the games related memes/music

there are quite a lot of games,/v/ related music in the tagged download links section

  1. DaveAndDaves - Pokémon Gangsta Rap Youtube
  2. Austrian Death Machine - Get to the Choppa Youtube link MP3 128kbps
  3. CrazyCouchChristoph - Girugameshman YouTube link Mono MP3 128kbps
  4. Unknown Artist - DO-DO-DO-DO A BARREL ROLL MP3 64kbps
  5. Unknown Artist - Leeroy Jenkins Fun Time Mix MP3 128kbps or MP3 128kbps
  6. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Hell March 2 MP3 160kbps
  7. Funtastic Power! - Dragonforce/Crossfire remix MP3 128kbps YouTube link Fucking Awesome.
  8. The Protomen - Light Up The Night Official Site

I'll probably be pulling from my expansive VGM collection and actually do some work on this one. This may be the next volume if there aren't any objections + Talk & Contribs + 00:07, 25 July 2010 (PDT)


For all the technology/science/computers related memes/music

there are quite a lot of technology,science,computers,/g/,hacking,coding related music in the tagged download links section

  1. Johnathan Coulton - Code Monkey MP3 192kbps Youtube Link relevant to every /g/eek
  2. Futuristic Sex Robotz - If i ruled the world MP3 160kbps
  3. FattySpins - Apple Store Love Song MP3 Unknown A typical Macfag
  4. Richard Stallman - The Free Software Song OGG 128kbps For the Richard Stallman Trolls on /g/
  5. ??? - ??? MP3 Unknown Some OpenBSD Songs
  6. Monzy - Kill Dash Nine MP3 128kbps
  7. Monzy - So Much Drama in the PhD MP3 128kbp
  8. Zearle - Hackers and Crackers MP3 192kbps
  9. Prodigy - Voodoo people
  10. Fatboy Slim - Slash Dot Dash SWFChan link MP3 320kbps
  11. Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself MP3 128kbpsMP3 160kbps
  12. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe MP3 320kbps MP3 128kbps
  13. Becky - ed:Less than three [MP3 192kbps]( YouTube link
  14. The Scofflaws - William Shatner MP3 160kbpsMP3 320kbps
  15. GJS Jay Sussman Feat. JSB Sebastian Bach - We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells MP3 128kbps
  16. Weird Al Yankovic - It's All About The Pentiums
  17. CJ Cherryh - Infinite Hands MP3 160kbps
  18. Elo - Twilight (Daicon 4) Youtube Link
  19. Domo Arigato Mr Roboto Styx YouTube link
  20. Orko Eloheim - IGF ft. UNKL FSTZ Youtube link

Gr8est Generation (the title sucks)

Chiptunes and 8bit music.

  1. Hybrid of multiple chiptunes from crack/keygens

More chiptunes extracted from cracks/keygens can be downloaded from Here, here for a list of download mirrors and here for individual downloads This soundtrack is severely lacking in bleep-bloop. How about 8-Bit Trip?

  • Funtastic Power! - Ted Danson in Space (Duck Tales NES remix) MP3

ED:Bix_Nood - for all racist songs about niggers

  • Songs such as "Leroy the big lipped nigger" "Ship those niggers back" "my wife ran off with a nigger" or anything that you find by searching nigger on limewire

Just search Nigger on limewire and see what you get

  1. Rx- Who's The Nigga MP3 128kbpps
  2. Soulja Boy - Crack Dat MP3 192kbps As incomprehensible as the original song was someone remixed it so even harder to understand but more lulzy
  3. Soulja Girl - ED:IM_PRESSIN_CHARGES AAC 128kbps
  4. ED:Latarian_milton - Hoodrat RemixMP3 128kbps
  5. David Alan Cole - Leroy the big lipped nigger MP3 128kbps
  6. Johnny Cash - Ship those niggers back MP3 128kbps
  7. Johnny Cash - Run Nigger Nigger
  8. Voltaire - Coin Operated Goi (We may not get enough songs if this album is just about niggers, and anyway, jews need the love hate too.) Kitty says: I'm friends with a bunch of racist fucks in college who have a ton of this shit. Gimmie a couple weeks and I'll get it in here.


  • Songs about Nazis, Germany and Hitler

There are a lot of songs pertaining to nazis, germany and hitler on the list.

  1. Hans Baumann - Es zittern die morschen Knochen(The rotten bones are trembling) MP3 192kbps
  2. Joseph Haydn - Das Deutschlandlied(The Song of Germany) or Das Lied der Deutschen(The Song of the Germans) MP3 MP3 192kbps]
  3. Horst Wessel - Horst-Wessel-Lied or Die Fahne hoch(Raise the flag) MP3 192kbps
  4. Unknown - Deutschland erwache MP3 192kbps

(i don't know how you guys work with picking songs for albums, i would guess you don't want that many from the same artist, but these are a few i really like)

  1. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Fukken Uber Death Party YouTube
  2. Nachtmahr - BoomBoomBOOM YouTube
  3. Rammstein - Links 2-3-4 YouTube
  4. Phosgore - Smite The Weak YouTube
  5. Pzychobitch - Maschinerie YouTube
  6. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Third Reich from The Sun YouTube
  7. Noisuf-X - Krach Bumm YouTube
  8. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Fikk Dich Mit Fire
  9. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Komm Zu Uns
  10. Hanzel Und Gretyl- Number 1 In Deutschland
  11. Megaherz -Liebestöter YouTube
  12. Miss Construction - Kunstprodukt (?)
  13. Nachtmahr - Weil ich's kann!
  14. Fabrik C - Hexenjagd YouTube
  15. Hanzel und Gretyl - Stern Krieg YouTube (i love this one, just cause of the cannons. so badass. i urge you to use this one or fukken uber death party)
  16. SHNARPH! - Jede Nacht More Third Reich songs can be found here


  • Immature songs that /b/ would like

There are a lot of songs on the list that would be appropriate for this album.


  • Songs to drive fast to
  1. Peter Gunn Theme
  2. Magnum Force Theme
  3. Mr. De - The Zoo (instrumental) Youtube link


  • Songs to drive spaceships to

Final Countdown Space Oddity Magic Carpet Ride fill the rest with shit appropriate for a galactic adventure. a trip to mars is liek 6 months or something minimum so a 20,000 song tracklist is not unreasonable

tits or gtfo

  • misogyny

DJ Assault - Nut In Your Eye Youtube link


  • Songs from the flashes forgotten in the Archives

Armand Van Helden - Into Your Eyes (The Droyds Delinquent Remix) (yoghurtingeyes.swf) - MegaUploadYoutube Busta Rhymes - Break ya neck (Shig.swf) - MediaFireYouTube System of a Down - Radio/Video (Radio_Desu.swf) - MediaFireYouTube Boney M - Rasputin (Ra-Ra-Rasputin.swf) - Mediafire YouTube

Suggestions for albums template

** : ----*

Album template

When there is enough people interested in your suggested album copy and paste the template below and modify the appropriate brackets(<>)

  • Note: when uploading files don't upload to a single files hoster, but use a file hoster that automatically mirror's files such as Koooraup which upload's the file to 12 different files hosters
    == Disk  -  ==
    [[Image:Artwork_Pending.png|thumb|200px|'''Requesting Album Art''']]
    **'''Status - '''

- (mm:ss) [ kbps]

Suggestions for the future

  1. Higher resolution artwork (800 by 800 should be minimum, 200 by 200 is thumbnail bullshit.)
  2. We need higher Bit Rates on new and existing the songs preferably new rips in FLAC and 320kbps mp3.
  4. Encyclopedia Dramatica has a list of lulzy music here

List of specific songs

{{quotebox|Give reasons as to why, for easy sorting.
Find songs with
MusicDemon, Bomb-mp3, Bee-mp3, FilesTube and P2P.}}

  • Bold (place ''' before and after song entry) anything that is very important, that should seriously be considered for current or proposed albums, also move the song entry when it has been allocated to an album.
  • Stop/don't suggesting different versions/variations of songs which are already in an album.
  • Remove and don't post anything that is in the YTMND Soundtrack (this has been mostly done).
  • Use a bullet (•) before songs already in listed albums, this makes sorting easier.
  • If a higher bitrate download link is found for a song, it should replace the existing download link for the song,obviously.
  • The preference for format is FLAC>WAV>OGG>MP3>AAC>WMA. Im not a audiophilefag but i have sorted the formats with the best of my knowledge. If there are any audiophilefag's here please sort according to best quality. Audiofag here, you got damn close, so I made one small fix, fix'd!

Song's with download links and tagged

The song's below have download links and the correct artist's/song's name have been found, the song entry has to be formatted like this: ** {{quotebox| - (mm:ss) [ kbps] ['''='''DeLiOuScAke''' YouTube link] }}** If you are adding a track please copy and paste the template above and modify the appropriate brackets(<>) PROTIP: Look back at previous edits of this article for some seted song suggestions that may prove useful for some of the newer albums.

  1. GoRemy - Mario Kart Rap (Could go on Gaming disk or whatevs) Youtube Warcraft Rap Youtube

  2. Massive Girl Fight - ANONYMOUS Youtube MP3 320kbps

  3. Stay Fly/Aerodynamic Remix - Johnatron MP3 320kbps

  4. Dreamerkree - Castles in the Sky YouTube link MP3 128kbps

  5. They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard: YouTube link MP3 128kbps

  6. Unknown Artist - Pokémon Theme Song

  7. Gilbert and Sullivan - Three Little Maids From School MP3 128kbps

  8. Wannabe - Zebrahead YouTube link MP3 192kbps (Despite the shameless plug during the beginning, this is quite the lulzy remake of the Spice Girls Song)

  9. 403 Forbiddena's - Northern Lights MP3 64kbps

  10. DJ AnounymOS ft Paul Fetch - I'M TAKIN' U SRS YouTube link MP3 192kbps

  11. Leander McLennan - Triumph MP3 128kbps

  12. Marisa stole the precious thing MP3 128kbps

  13. Unknown Artist - Ievan Pollka (DJslon mix) MP3 128kbps

  14. Lemon Demon - Ultimate Showdown MP3 192kbps

  15. DJ AnounymOS - BRAIN.BAK v2 MP3 192kbps

  16. DJ AnounymOS - so i herd u liek musics 2008 v1 MP3 192kbps

  17. Alestorm - Keelhauled YouTube link MP3 128kbps

  18. Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven (Soulwax remix) YouTube link MP3 320kbps

  19. Rage Against the Machine - Fuck the police MP3 128kbps

  20. Richard Jacques - Super Sonic Racing MP3 128kbps

  21. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Remix MP3 128kbps (Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock vs INSX vs ACDC)

  22. Gustav Holst - Mars the Bringer of War (The Planets OP. 32) MP3 128kbps

  23. Danny Elfman - Batman Theme(Newer) YouTube link MP3 192kbps

  24. Neal Hefti - Batman Theme(Older) YouTube link MP3 128kbps

  25. • RevoLucian - Bill O'Reilly Flips Out (DANCE REMIX) Original Video YouTube link MP3 192kbps

  26. LazyTown - Bing Bang YouTube link MP3 224kbps

  27. Juggernaut - Don't Fuck with a Ruffneck YouTube link MP3 128kbps

  28. Fools Garden - Lemon Tree YouTube link MP3 192kbps MP3 320kbps]

  29. Imagoen heap - Hide and Seek by Youtube link MP3 320kbps A flash on 7chan had it, making it really popular among 7channers. That, and it's a slow song. Every other song on the fucking CD is some sort of up-tempo or hyper crap.

  30. Unknown Artist - Speed Racer MP3 192kbps

  31. • Kobaryu - VIPSTAR Youtube link MP3 128kbps for the /vip/ board.

  32. Chevalier - Thank Heaven for little girls Youtube link MP3 160kbps

  33. De Mosselman - Mossels YouTube link The attitude of the song represents the mindset of anon. Or some shit like that.

  34. The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird MP3 256kbps (Featured in the classic John Waters film Pink Flamingos, which I'm amazed isn't one of /b/'s favorite movies. A dude's "lip" syncing this tune with his asshole!)

  35. • Unknown Artist - Tsurupetta YouTube link MP3 160kbps that combo shit posted on 4chon 9000 years ago

  36. Richard Jacques - Can You Feel the Sunshine MP3 128kbps MP3 192kbps TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL TAILS DOLL, what's not to be wanted from this?

  37. David Bowie - Space Oddity MP3 192kbps Also this

  38. Hazel Fernandez - Number One MP3 128kbps MP3 320kbps Nas-T Remix

  39. Parry Gripp - Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom (1:02) Youtube link MP3 160kbps

  40. Unknown Artist - Nico Nico Douga YouTube link - MP3 256kbps (256kbs) (44 kHz)

  41. Unknown Artist - ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH (Liber me from hell) MP3 320kbps An orchestral version of the above because this album does not have enough symphonic shit.

  42. Y&Co - Speedy Cat MP3 160kbps Regular speed

  43. Y&Co - Speedy Cat WAV Super speedy, however is only 4 seconds long, someone will need to take the original and speed it up.

  44. ** Rhymes With Stomach - Rainbow Road MP3 128kbps YouTube link**

  45. Unknown - Deutschland erwache MP3 192kbps More Third Reich songs can be found here

  46. anoNymous - Copy Pasta MP3 192kbps YouTube link. WHY ISNT THIS ON HERE YET ?!, because it sounds shit, it sounds like it was made by a newfag, even under the pretence that it's meant to be copypasta'd from classic songs it still sounds like shit

  47. Buckethead - Post Office Buddy MP3 128kbpsYouTube link. For Creepypasta.

  48. Chip tha Ripper - ED:Interior Crocodile Alligator MP3 320kbps Interior crocodile alligator, i drive a chevrolet movie theater.

  49. Anonymous - 4chan themesong MP3 128kbps sort of a techno-e thing made from 4chan's vent server methinks.

  50. GWAR - The song of words MP3 Unknown kbps Full Album YouTube link

  51. Basketed:loli - Enjoy Your ed:AIDS MP3 128kbps

  52. Black Label Society - Stillborn MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  53. blink-182 - What's my Age Again? MP3 320kbps

  54. ed:anonymous - ed:kill it with fire MP3 160kbps

  55. Blur - ed:tits MP3 192kbps

  56. Bon Jovi - ed:Living On A Prayer MP3 320kbps

  57. Boston - Smokin' MP3 320kbps YouTube link

  58. ed:Batshit - ed:Scientology MP3 192kbps Whole Album

  59. DJ AnounymOS - ed:BAWWW MP3 192kbps

  60. DJ AnounymOS - EEEEEEEEEEEEE MP3 192kbps

  61. DJ AnounymOS - GIRUGAMESH v1 MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  62. DJ AnounymOS - Pretty Intense Full Force Splash Attack MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  63. DJ Sharpnel - PRETTY GREEN ONIONS MP3 128kbps YouTube link

  64. Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  65. ed:Atheism - ed:epic MP3 192kbps MP3

  66. ed:Fat Larry's Band - Zoom MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  67. Focus - Anonymus MP3 192kbps Torrent

  68. Foo Fighters - ed:The Best of You MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  69. Green day - ed:Chanology [ MP3 320kbps] YouTube link

  70. ed:Linkin Park - Crawling MP3 320kbps YouTube link MP3 It's on the YTMND soundtrack

  71. ed:Metallica - The Call of ed:Cthulhu MP3 320kbp

  72. Rick Astley - Together Forever MP3 192kbps YouTube link

  73. Sheb Wooley - ed:Nigga ed:fat MP3 192kbps

  74. ed:Grunge - ed:Ty Cobb MP3 225 kbps

  75. ed:B - ed:Anonymous Unknown format full album

  76. ed:W ed:United States of America - ed:Cancer MP3 243 kbps YouTube link

  77. ed:Obama ed:Americans - ed:Peaches MP3 213 kbps YouTube link

  78. ed:Tool - ed:ED MP3 192 kbps

  79. Verix - Supersonic Furry Faggot | Rapidshare Should go on the "Lets do Coke" album.

  80. bukkakecake - The Kid Pointed and Laughed At The Fat Guy MP3 128kbps

  81. bukkakecake - Fatties At The Grocery Store MP3 128kbps

  82. Monkey Dust - Fire (Pedofinder General version) MP3

  83. The Kamen Kraze Kollective - Garrick's Mom MP3

  84. Titanic: The Animated Movie - Party Time MP3

  85. Ween 992 - I'll Dox You, Mom (another song about Garrick) MP3

  86. Lardy Gaga - Shrapnel Face (song about 94chan's admin) MP3

  87. The Tophats - The Bel Air of IHM (another song pertaining to 94chan admin IHM) MP3

  88. Fargonics - 4chan Song MP3

  89. Anonymous - We Didn't Cause the Cancer MP3

  90. Bestsingerevers - Mudkips Song MP3

  91. GodOfTheInternets - 000chan's Mobster Theme Song MP3

  92. Freddie Cintron - Vuvuzela (Ultimate MegaMix) MP3 Youtube

  93. Electric Man Ft. Jessi Slaughter and her parents - CyberPolice MP3

  94. Steve is on Trollquest youtube mp3

  95. DJ Jelly - Trolldad youtube

  96. Corpulence On The Catwalk - STFU MP3

Unsorted/Untagged song's or Song's with no download links

** Song without download links and/or song were the correct artist's/song's name have not been found **

  1. /m/ Sings - Yuusha oh Tanjou - Gao Gai Gar Opening YouTube link
  2. Check Out My Subaru - YouTube link supposedly it's /o/'s theme song
  3. /a/ sings: [K-ON! - Cagayake! Girls] (SECOND VERSION) YouTube link
  4. 4chan's /mu/ singing Weezer's "El Scorcho" YouTube link
  5. /a/ not singing colors (aka JIBUN WOO) YouTube link
  6. /v/ Singan Gaems : Escape from the City YouTube link
  7. /r9k/ - Don't Stop Me Now YouTube link
  8. lionessjenna - Winge /Jp/ YouTube link
  9. Neon Kobra - Tiger Said Knock You Out
  10. Regurgitator - My Ego
  11. The U-Men - ed:Anonymous YouTube link
  12. Touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her? YouTube link
  13. Y & Co. - Poodle YouTube link
  14. ELISA - Ebullient Future (ef - A tale of Melodies ED4) (Could be considered for BAWWWWWW) Youtube
  15. Pretty much anything Voltaire. Except for a save few. He's siciously /b/ twisted, if you listen to his songs. They're batshit crazy but he's usually happy about it. See: Cantina(quote:"And then some old dude who taught Vader Chopped his arm off with a sabre That later made for one red hot anal invader), Stuck with you(quote:"You drowned my kittens one by one"), Bomb New Jersey(V& EVERYWHERE), Zombie prostitute.

Who the hell is "Voltaire" and why is it in almost every album now?

He could kick a bear's dick off from 12 feet. Fact.

Voltaire definitely has balls; he faced the looney tunes on Faux News over some "Goth Murder Madness" story they were sensationalizing and didn't take any shit.

With all this talk of Voltaire, may I /r/ a site to download his discography?

Don't know bout no discography, but you can get To The Bottom of The Sea (album) Here And Ooky Spooky here.

Discography Here

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