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thumb Proxybot is a php app that scrapes proxy sites, tests them if up or down, tests anonymity level, has a banned list, and outputs the proxies in a few formats.

Requirements: apache, php 5, curl

proxybot readme:
pbot readme:
version history:
711chan thread:
808chan thread:

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Pbot is a command line version of proxybot without any mysql support. Pbot is divided up into two parts: grabproxy and testproxy. You can either scrape for a new proxy, check if existing proxies are up, or check the anonymity level of a proxy.

 Usage: php grabproxy.php [-option] [int]
 Usage: php testproxy.php [-option] [hostname] [path]
 Example: php grabproxy.php -n 100 > /tmp/ && php testproxy.php -n -a /tmp/ > /tmp/pb.good


 currently searches:,,,,,, <br />,,,,,,<br />,,,,,,<br />,,,,, and

After using this program a bit, note how few proxies are actually anonymous.

Online Copies

Gesichtslos' Mirror - v0.2
Shitty old 0.1 Mirror (No test)


Download from mirror, accept rar password suggestion, ???, profit!
rar pass for proxybot and pbot v0.3: iwilleatlsd
rar pass for proxybot and pbot v0.2: ishouldeatlsd

proxybot v0.3 mirrors: - rename as rar!

 hysterix@mybox:~$ sha1sum proxybot.rar <br />37cefddb3b0dcabf453b3193a48af7a4ca5fa685  proxybot.rar

pbot v0.3 mirrors: - rename as rar!

 hysterix@mybox:~$ sha1sum pbot.rar <br />f064ae54b4dfcb913fb8ba7787aaaceb988ef7f2  pbot.rar

proxybot v0.2 mirrors:

pbot v0.2 mirrors:

proxybot v0.1 mirrors:

pbot v0.1 mirrors:


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