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Quinnspiracy Censorship

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A few moderators of major forums have deleted any threads relating to the Zoe Quinn incident.

Various reasons could be at play, including white knighting, sincere belief in Zoe's accusations of wrongdoing, anti-spam bots gone wrong, or god knows what.

Whatever the case, this incident has uncovered unsettling cases of heavy handed moderation, and revealed the moderators' unelected power as the gatekeeper of information.

  • Reddit /r/gaming
  • 4chan
    • Not sure about censorship here, we can never really tell with all the spamming and automatic moderation bots.
    • Some unsourced accusations of a policy to "protect individuals" (see under False Reports)

False Reports

It is important to differentiate the truth from the lies. Even a few misinterpretations will undermine the public’s support. If anything has been confirmed false, post it here.

  • Alleged YouTube DMCA by Zoe Quinn - Maybe her, maybe not. Any idiot can launch a DMCA. That’s how screwed up the system is.
    • MundaneMatt claims that it was the same email she uses on other sites here.
  • /d/ mod - Some supposed moderator of /d/ claimed that Moot instructed the moderation team to "defend" persecuted individuals by deleting threads. This is doubtful, for mods are not board specific. (also needs source)

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