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Quinnspiracy Reactions

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What communities, websites, or organizations have done in response.

4chan /v/

  • /v/ funds TFYC, a charity effort crushed by Zoe Quinn in the past

    • SJW Backlash against TFYC for "collaborating with the enemy"
  • Unknown hacker calling himself "The top mod of /V/" closes the Indiegogo page

Vivian James

image alt text

More info about this can be found at http://knowyourmeme/memes/vivian-james (yes, seriously)

Backlash on /v/

  • Obviously, not all of /v/ supports this campaign, and some hold suspicions of immigrants from Reddit and Tumblr. (but remember, divided we fall)

  • Whether Uppercase-/V/ is actually from 4chan’s /v/, or just the Five Guys trying to start shit (or both), will be seen.

4chan /pol/

  • /pol/ is attempting to contact the Daily Mail to publish this scandal

  • Zoe Quinn’s real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg, a family descended from Dutch merchants and with connections to the Roosevelt family (source)

Others who spoke out

  • Reddit /r/gaming

  • Funnyjunk

  • John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

  • TFYC

  • Mundane Matt

  • Ken Ashcorp

  • Internet Aristocrat

  • JonTron

  • Grant Kirkhope

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