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Quinnspiracy Timeline

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Quick and dirty timeline, imported every day from Google Docs.

  • **2014-08-31 - **Possible protest at PAX (NOON)

  • **2014-08-30 - **Possible protest at PAX (NOON)

  • **2014-08-29 - **Possible protest at PAX (5PM)

  • **2014-08-24 **- A thread on /v/ made by an anon is stickied and closed, where a mod claims "*Your threads aren't being deleted because of the content. Your threads are being deleted because they are being spammed. Check the catalog before making a new thread about this topic." */v/259588169 is the sticky. Mods doing what they’re supposed to. Maybe.

  • 2014-08-24 - TFYC’s Indiegogo account hacked and made to look like it was closed. The culprit is unknown, but their current name is allegedly Uppercase-/V/ (sic).

  • **2014-08-23 - **With no new shitstorms on Twitter and with a new daughter to play with, /v/ spends the day circlejerking about Vivian. Discussions are also had.

  • **2014-08-22 - **As /v/ had raised enough money to design their own character, they start designing their musume (daughter for you baka gajins). The result is Vivian James. Personality and fanart soon follow.

    • Phil Fish and Polytron are supposedly hacked by "the head mod of /V/". Phil Fish announces that he is selling his Fez and Polytron IP. The Internet Aristocrat releases the second part of his report.
  • 2014-08-21 - "Operation Chemo" begins on /pol/ and spreads to /v/, with the goal to help The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) bring their game jam back to life, after it was killed with help from Zoe. JonTron’s livestream is announced and occurs without too much going on.

  • **2014-08-20 - **JonTron appears and starts doing battle. At one point furries arrive and help him out. TotalBiscuit helps him out as well. Jontron later disappears in fear of backlash.

  • 2014-08-19 - Official beginning of the battle. "The Day We Went to War"

    • Totalbiscuit reacts to The Internet Aristocrat’s video, drawing in Reddit

    • Reddit, tumblr, and even 4chan have civil war when mods delete discussion of Zoe Quinn.

    • Fake doxx by Quinn to frame 4chan

    • Rule 34 of Five Guys Burgers and Fries appears

    • Sides are taken, lines are drawn.

  • 2014-08-18 - InternetAristocrat makes a video about the Five Guys, later releases a "sequel", the In-N-Out video.

  • 2014-08-17 - A year and a half later, Zoe’s ex-boyfriend, Eron, makes "The Zoe Post" speaking out against her. Mundane Matt makes a video about the issue, which is later removed in a false DMCA claim by Zoe Quinn herself. Ouren reveals on Twitter that he was sexually harassed by Quinn, and is silenced by Phil Fish.

  • <Wizard-chan gets blamed date, information, etc.>

  • **2013-02-14 **- Depression Quest, developed by The Quinnspiracy, is released. Praise from several vidya news outlets follow. Critics of the game are labelled misogynists by said outlets and journalists, and the shitstorm begins.

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