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Raidchan is a *chan featuring an awesome radio show, and a shitty irc network where epic raids once took place. It was once part of the Partyvan Network, a coalition of sites, chans, and IRC servers working for the greater good of Anonymous. Unfortunately, a major feud caused them to split, and many DDoSes were had.

The Partyvan/Raidchan Split of 08

The Beginning

On 1/10/2008, an epic feud between operators occurred. januszeal and Trapdoor, two /i/nsurgents locked in a battle to the death over the Internet, namely the Partyvan IRC Network, a collaboration of #insurgency, Raidchan, 711chan, Lulzhost, WTFux, g00ns, and who knows who else is hiding on there. Trapdoor has a botnet, while janus zeal is left unarmed. The war is said to have began with foto, a femmie operator, who became enraged at das_fuhrer for a remark made against her IRL situations: [05:33][ChocolateReign] who's foto? [05:34][@das_fuhrer] jihad/choobs bitch [05:34][@das_fuhrer] as far as i know [05:34][@das_fuhrer] or am told [05:34][@das_fuhrer] a gaping vagina that shits out dead fetuses [05:36][@das_fuhrer] what was it like seeing your own child, come out in a puddle of bloody dead filth (records provided by dev) The full convo After several minutes of fighting among das_fuhrer and foto, foto began her oper-abuse against das.

The Split

Trapdoor, owner of Raidchan, was called in to put an end to the abuse, wherein #pn was removed from the channel registration. This act of removal is viewed as the turning point that launched the feud into an all out civil war. After Trapdoor deleted the channel, januszeal, an ircop that was present in the channel at the time, took arms by attempting to de-link Raidchan from the Partyvan network. However; since Raidchan was connected through allah.irc and not lulz.hub he was unsuccessful. Seeing that his efforts were doing nothing, he then successfully proceeded to no-op Raidchan. Trapdoor requested that the no-op be removed, but januszeal denied. Upon being denied, Trapdoor took up arms and DDoS'd lulz.hub, taking it offline for 5 minutes and tearing Partyvan IRC to pieces in the process. When lulz.hub came back online, Trapdoor asked januszeal once again to remove the no-op, and was denied once again. So, Trapdoor ddos'd the hub again. waawaa then proceeded to jupe Raidchan, and in response, DivisionByZero launched an all out assault on lulz.hub, continuously knocking it offline. After 10 minutes of constant attack upon lulz.hub, z3r0 of the g00ns entered the war and no-op'd Raidchan once more. After this final no-op, Raidchan decided enough was enough, and broke from Partyvan to become sovereign once more. Confirmation of these actions were presented by Trapdoor at a deliberation that ensued roughly one hour after the split was preformed: [13:45:10] i dropped a channel registration for harassing opers [13:45:10] jz was a member of that channel and tried to delink raidchan [13:45:10] much to his dismay raidchan was linked to allah.irc and not lulz.hub [13:45:10] so he nooped raidchan [13:45:10] i ddosed lulz.hub [13:45:10] lulz.hub comes back 20 minutes later [13:45:10] i tell jz to reverse the noop [13:45:10] he doesnt [13:45:10] i ddos [13:45:11] drama ensues [13:45:13] waawaa jupes raidchan [13:45:14] raidchan comes back [13:45:15] dbz jupes lulz.hub [13:45:16] sets up a perform to do that every second [13:45:17] then someone else nooped raidchan [13:45:18] raidchan said "fuck it, let's delink" and we did (Arizona time) full conversation The last thing that happened was Trapdoor hitting januszeal's IP, hard. It took out his internet. In fact, it took out everyone on that ISP's hub in the NW Florida/Gulf Coast region's internets. One can only assume the ISP shat bricks.

Played like a fiddle

Late at night on F40PH Friday the 11th and Caturday the 12th, Raidchan was DDoSed. Trapdoor was unreachable, and suddenly the g00ns webiste was hit with a DDoS attack and lulz.hub, the center of Partyvan IRC, was rocked with more DDoS. g00ns and some Partyvanners assumed that it was Trapdoor, getting furious at Raidchan being DDoSed, though no one on Partyvan said they hit Raidchan and did not know why it was down; some even speculated Trapdoor took it down to have an excuse. g00ns were preparing a massive assult on all Raidchan related material in response. [21:38] core [21:38] what's going on? [21:38] hi [21:38] well [21:38] we are getting buttfucked [21:38] basically [21:38] * Hikitsuri covers his arse [21:38] seems to be the deal so far [21:38] i just got a 30 minute ass pounding [21:38] well I can see 3-4 hours ago lulzhost pinged out, which includes helldyve. [21:38] which isnt so bad [21:38] The deal is Trapdoor is ddosing 20 things at once [21:39] and in response g00ns are ddosing everything even remotely linked to trap [21:39] core, do you think it is Trapdoor? [21:39] NO STOP NOOOOOOOOOOO [21:39] Don't attack Trapdoor [21:39] it seems to be him, kakama [21:39] until we know it is him [21:39] well it is pretty clear [21:39] that it is [21:39] it is him [21:39] Why is HIS network down? [21:39] ddos [21:39] From? [21:39] someone hit him last night a few times [21:40] Not from us right? [21:40] raidchan has been down since last night [21:40] and apparently again this morning [21:40] Kakama, yes [21:40] could be wtfux [21:40] I know [21:40] from here [21:40] brambi, [21:40] WHAT [21:40] WHY THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE ATTACKING RAIDCHAN [21:40] idk ? [21:40] why are you guys attacking? rc was just sitting on their island of lonely shame [21:40] WE;RE FR/i/ENDS [21:40] Everyone played the blame and shame game this morning, awesome fightings were held. [21:40] Awesome as in verbal mouthing. [21:40] Kakama: last night raidchan died [21:41] in response, we die. Meanwhile, everyone yelled and bitched at Kakama to shut up as he cried there was foul play. [21:55] SERIES OF EVENTS: 1. The split, we go seperate ways /drama 2. Last night and today, someone DDoSes raidchan; it is down right now. 3. Trapdoor assumes it is us or g00ns and attacks Partyvan and g00ns 4. g00ns are preparing to attack Raidchan again, but meanwhile whoever did step 2 is unknown and is causing this fight. [21:55] WHO DID STEP 2? [21:56] Kakama: god dude [21:56] n [21:56] o [21:56] o [21:56] n [21:56] e [21:56] c [21:56] a [21:56] r [21:56] e [21:56] s [21:56] WHO ATTACKED RAIDCHAN LAST NIGHT THAT IS CAUSING US TO FIGHT RIGHT NOW? [21:56] lol core [21:56] kakama, just shut the fuck up [21:56] agreed [21:56] * Kakama ( Quit (Killed (core (sick of your jew shit))) [21:56] We don't know [21:56] LOL [21:56] and it doesn't matter. [21:56] * Kakama ( has joined #insurgency [21:56] >:3 [21:56] hellhouse: Someone is playing us all like fiddles. [21:56] the ddos is a lie [21:56] it does matter to Kakama, he has to write it on ED :P [21:56] well, i figure at this point just let the shit play out, eh? [21:56] Haha. [21:56] Kakama: read your PM's [21:56] Someone is tricking us all [21:56] trapdoor took down his own server so he couldh ave an excuse to ddos [21:56] Kakama: quit getting your bleeding vagina in a twist Full chatlogs Suddenly, Raidchan came up. Kakama was testing and connected to it first, to find himself alone on the server, all channels empty and nothing configured. Withen a minute Trapdoor appeared on the server, and Raidchanners started flooding in bit by bit. When asked what had happened, guess who was right the whole damn time you silly sausages. It would appear that Raidchan was hit with a MASSIVE DDoS attack that Friday and Caturday, and Trapdoor was awakened by his ISP calling and crying as their network could not handle the load. They disconnected his server from the Internet, and Trapdoor just got sick of it and went to play video games. Finally his ISP gave him a temporary sever, which is what Raidchan is on right now, and had just started up. Going back, [21:55] SERIES OF EVENTS: 1. The split, we go seperate ways /drama 2. Last night and today, someone DDoSes raidchan; it is down right now. 3. Trapdoor assumes it is us or g00ns and attacks Partyvan and g00ns 4. g00ns are preparing to attack Raidchan again, but meanwhile whoever did step 2 is unknown and is causing this fight. [21:55] WHO DID STEP 2? Guess who called it first. Trapdoor, while AFK, did not attack g00ns or Partyvan or anyone. He was DDoSed, Partyvan was DDoSed, was DDoSed, and someone out there was toying with Anon the whole time. Some theories range that it was Hal Turner. Some further theories say that since brambi auto-z:lines Isralies that brambi has been Hal Turner the whole time. This is probably untrue. That was a joke, people, don't go believing it. And so, we now have NO FUCKING IDEA who hit us. Trapdoor's ISP is looking into the source of the DDoS attack, but we'll probably never know. If we do, they will die for causing this further drama.

The effects

As of now, Raidchan shows no intention of rejoining, however, /i/nsurgents and /r/adio channers alike are showing no difference in attitude over the split and continue to traffic each other's channels. Though many an Anon is pissed off because of shitty irc drama between two idiots that fucked everything up/made it more confusing. This is why we can't have nice things. This is a request on behalf of all of Anonymous to settle your differences and find an accord. [edit] Partyvan Partyvan is the larger half of everything, and has every group still a part of it, including #insurgency, 711chan, WTFux, and g00ns. Partyvan is dead, though still has many partyvan users and channels.


Raidchan has #raids, which does stickam raids and the like for the lulz, and #radio, Raidchan Radio, formerly known as Partyvan Radio. Raidchan is reachable through

The people

Most people feel the whole thing was unneeded, and are trying to ignore the drama. People come to #radio to request songs and people stay on both servers to go to #raids and #insurgency. Again, the IRCops show no sign of relinking, but we encourage users to ignore the split and pretend nothing is wrong.

Linking with Chatnets

In late 2009, IRC diplomats andy and [nig]Nigga went to Raidchan IRC to discuss a possible link. wired agreed to link with Chatnets, a server containing many old Partyvanners, to recreate Partyvan IRC. Though after barely a day, a Raidchan oper got pissed at Chatnets opers abusing Raidchan users and broke the link.

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