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If 4chan is the Greece of internet culture, then Reddit is it's Roman Empire, bringing it's own sanitized rendition of chanese culture to the masses. Since all posts on Reddit are archived, it has a different, more relaxed mentality to saving cool threads than 4chan, and these threads are long forgotten and rarely revisited in fear of being called out for reposting.

But there are some jewels that cannot be lost behind the huge mess of the archives. This project plans to save the best threads here


We need to make a script that can automatically parse Reddit threads and turn them into Markdown files, that can be posted as Wiki pages.

Please put the script here.


(perhaps we should split them into topics and folders if it gets bigger)

  • US and Japan - This is a thread where enterman_tulsa makes a crazy couple analogy as to how US and Japan became important allies after the initial conflict in WWII. It ends up getting on the front page of Reddit.
  • War - War sucks. And this Iraq veteran will tell you just how it sucks.

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