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Sarafan was an important sysop of Wikichan. One of his primary contributions was the tireless archival of certain important 4chan stories and copypasta. Without that hard work, we would never have even known about Damaged Goods or Blindmute Loli.

Many rapidshare files that included important portions of Wikichan content (such as the original thread dumps and artwork from Damaged Goods) were lost due to it's deletion policy. Since Sarafan made a secret Megaupload archive (which is also gone, but I have a copy) that contained all these rapidshares, the story of Damaged Goods can be restored to it's original glory.


'Sarafan': (Russian сарафан, from Persian sеrāрā)

  1. A traditional Russian long, shapeless jumper dress worn as Russian folk costume by women and a certain animated heterochromatic doll ~desu
  2. A Wikichan Sysop, major editor of Damaged Goods, and former DJ on Desu-Radio.

Interesting Facts

  • He's been destabilizing Gaia's economy since they released narutarded ninja headbands.
  • He's also been animating shitty Duffy themed YTMNDs since its pre-eBaums raiding days.
  • He's also been lurking /b/ since OH SHI- SEXUAL ORIENTATION PARDADOX

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