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ShadeNET is a semi-decentralized, asshole-to-asshole, friend-to-friend, peer-to-peer, whatever the fuck you want VPN. The goal of ShadeNET is to regroup /i/nsurgents and to become more productive as a whole. ShadeNET was thought up and brought to life by mepholic, Saber, and Julius_Ceaser (Jewlius). ShadeNET is meant to be an extremly flexible VPN, allowing users to be able to do anything they could do on a normal LAN.

ShadeNET has been under continuous development since late 2008. Currently, ShadeNET is in beta, and is open to only certain users.

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ShadeNET relies heavily on users providing home, dedicated, or virtual servers towards the development of new features and services available to people on the VPN.

Current Features

  • Gateway (to the internet)
  • DNS Servers (two)
  • Web Servers
 * 711chan
 * asschan
 * zerochan
 * patriotic nigras
 * much more...
  • VPN Only IRC Server (oh fuck it's broken)

Upcoming Features

  • Fully functional LDAP server
  • Windows file sharing servers with LDAP support
  • Advanced routing (decreases latency between hosts)
  • Game Servers
  • In-VPN Shell Server
Does anybody have any more ideas?

Technical bullshit

ShadeNET uses OpenVPN as the VPN software between clients and servers. At the moment ShadeNET only has one VPN server in Chicago. This isn't ideal for, lets say, a person in England connecting to a person in France over the VPN. Since the packets first have to travel cross-sea to Chicago, Illinois, USA, then have to go back across the ocean again to go back to France/England, the latency will be extremly high. The solution to this problem is to have multiple vpn servers that are connected togeather in a mesh, so clients can connect to the server that is closest to them. From there, routing on the VPN will determine how to get to another location fastest.

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