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Hay guys I'm not late am I? A picture of Slowpoke, a pink sloth-looking Pokémon known for its slow speed and lack of intelligence, or a variant therof (Slowbro and Slowking), is generally posted with or in response to a statement that is grievously behind the times, whether intentional, such as "Hey guys, I think Captain America's in trouble!" or or "Hitler's dead, we won!", to unintentional, a good example of which is difficult to find, as it is often difficult to tell if an Anonymous is sarcastic or not. The reason for this is because slooooooooooooooowpoooooooooooooke is sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Sometimes Slowpoke replies will forgo the pic in favor of simply including the text "slowpoke.jpg".

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