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Social Threats

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Basic rule: Blend in with the crowd, disperse into the stream. Keep a low profile. Don't try to be special.

Remember, when in Rome, do as Romans do. Don't try to be a smart ass. FEDs are many, Anonymous is Legion, but you are only one. There are no old heros, there are only young heros and dead heros.

Do not give any personal information on the IRC chat as it is public, you mom could read what you write there and so could the Police. And don't mention your involvement with Anonymous in your real life.


  • do not include personal information in your screen name
  • don't discuss personal information, your address or where you're from
  • don't mention your gender, tattoos, scars, piercings, bodymodifications,
  • over-/underweight, physical or psychological (in)abillities (got the idea?)
  • don't mention your profession or hobbies
  • don't mention whether you're in a relationship
  • don't mention your involvement with other activist groups
  • don't mention any musical tastes/preferred literature/films, they're a good way to know someone
  • don't use special characters, that are existent only in your language. They would reveal where you are from
  • don't give even bogus info. Lot's of no's, make a yes.
  • Everything is completely seperate between your real life and online life(s), don't blend anything from your real life with anon, don't talk about Anon in real life except posting posters anonymously, etc
  • don't mention congresses that you have been at
  • don't mention your school, university etc.
  • don't mention what time it is where you live, mentioning the time can reveal where you live
  • Never connect at same time. Try to alternate.
  • Do not post on the public net while you are in the IRC, and definitely do not mention that you are posting something on Twitter. This is easy to correlate.
  • Don't discuss whether you personally are DDOSing or writing How-Tos or Nmap'ing the target, making graphics etc. or not, just discuss general strategy
  • Do not post pictures hosted on Facebook. The filename contains your profile ID.
  • Stagger your login & log out times on FaceBook, Twitter & IRC. They can be compared for user info.

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