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Subeta is yet another virtual-pet website designed to exploit teenage kids into spending money on 'virtual items' for their 'virtual pets'. Subeta was the target of a small trolling raid for minor lulz. However, the website first came to Anonymous' attention when server logs from 420chan revealed that a DDOS attack on its web server came from an IP-address that resolved to Anonymous quickly noticed that our beloved Longcat was available as an item on the very website that attacked 420chan.

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The Raid

Once Longcat was discovered on Subeta, Anonymous began DDOS attacks, Bandwidth Raep and PsyOps. Subeta frequently went offline and timed out throughout the month-long ordeal, diverting attention to Subeta-based fan sites. Countless incidents of resistance hardened Anonymous's erection close to that of the hardest metal know to man.


The site (now deceased) was set up as a way to have a complete copy of the story of Anonymous' vicious retaliation against the faggot Keith somewhere reasonably stable. This site details Keith's provocation of Anonymous, and the subsequent raep that followed at the hands of Anonymous.

Post Raid Raid

A few weeks after the Subeta raid ended, Anonymous attacked Subeta again. This attack resulted in the temporary deletion of all of Keith's domains, including and This caused much confusion and panic amongst the ranks of the 12 year old target audience of Subeta, and much lulz for the rest of Anonymous. Keith later recovered the domains, but still remains butthurt over the event.

DEVELOPING DEVELOPMENTS redirects to Neopets., however, is still online.


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