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Sued by Furry

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Sued by Furry

Okay /b/, some shit's going down and I need all the advice and any help that anyone can give me. This is the complete 100% truth and you'll need to bare with me, because this is going to be a little weird. I AM BEING SUED BY A FURRY. Jeremy Bernal of Monitor Studios LLC is suing me for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and VIOLATING THE FEDERAL COMPUTER FRAUD AND ABUSE ACT. The second count pretty much means he thinks we hacked into his servers and stole his "artwork." This is a complete lie and he will be hard pressed to prove it ever happened in court. For the "damages" done to his "computer systems" he is asking a base monetary relief of $5,000.00. And that's only the base! I recieved the court summons yesterday. An official drove to my house and handed the summons to me at the door. I called the clerk of courts (in the EASTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA) today to see if the case was legit. The secretary on duty verified that it was in the system and I asked her if there was anyone I could talk to about putting in a motion to dismiss the case. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I LIVE IN FUCKING OHIO AND I'M BROKE. I have less then ten dollars to my name and I have 20 (twenty) days to hire a lawyer, respond to the initial summons, put our counter case together, get money together to get out there.... and tons of other shit that I don't even know about. I've never been sued before so what the fuck do I know? That's where you come in, /b/. I know you've been called a cesspool. I know that you're referred to as the asshole of the internet. Pedos and mentally unstable users are said to litter your ranks, but that does not mean that you are uncapable of aiding a fellow /b/-tard in need. TO FIGHT THE FURRIES WE MUST JOIN TOGETHER Any advice or any help whatsoever is appreciated. I am not asking for your money, in fact, I have no way to TAKE your money (seeing as how my bank account was closed about a year and a half ago because my webhost at the time screwed me over and overdrew a buuunch of money.) HOW AM I GOING TO FIND A LAWYER THAT IS WILLING TO EVEN TAKE THIS CASE, LET ALONE PAY FOR HIS SERVICES? HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO NORTH CAROLINA FOR COURT? PLEASE ADVIZE, /B/, FOR THE HORDE.

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