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Because of the scale of the internet, and the many specialties needed to succeed in each field, the Bibliotheca Anonoma organizes each of it's fields and needs into seperate groups, with jurdisdiction over multiple projects.

There are no restrictions on what the team name can be, but just precede it with the acronym "BA" to show where it comes from.

BA Archive Team of the New Wikichan (BA ATNW)

Full Article: Archive Team of the New Wikichan

This team goes out and about around the internet to collect and organize it's best content, in the spirit of the fallen Wikichan. It also exists to

Wikichan was an important wiki on the internet, that had a large team of sysops to do the same thing for 4chan, which has no official archival system.


BA Internet Folklife Archival Team (BA IFLAT)

Full Article: Internet Folklife Archival Team

A subset of the BA ATNW, this team organizes stories and recollections told by people from around the internet. It is inspired by the work of Storycorps, working to find and save the memories of Americans, young and old, rich and poor.


  • Copypasta - This team is in charge of organizing and categorizing Copypasta, the short bits of text
    • Recollections - Copypasta that provides a window into a bit of the speaker's life.
  • Stories - This team organizes and maintains the story sections as it begins to unfold, and makes a few reports analyzing it's structure.

BA Solution Engineering Institute (BA SETI)

Full Article: Solution Engineering Institute

This team tinkers with the technology behind this wiki, and builds scripts to help archivists automate some aspects of content dumping.


  • Gollum - The current git-based wiki that we use to store and distribute this library.
  • Gittorrent - A proposal to make Git fully decentralized, written by major computer scientists. It could change Needs to be implemented...
  • Ukiyo-e - A proposed new wiki engine (perhaps based on Gollum) with a p2p DVCS backend, such as Gittorrent or Hg-Freenet.


  • Youtube Archival - Some instructions on how to use the youtube-dl script to archive single videos, or entire playlists.

BA Youtube Strategic Defense Initiative (BA YSDI)

Full Article: Youtube Strategic Defense Initiative

This team attempts to save the very best videos from the popular video sharing site Youtube, and generate an index of the best content on that site. Due to the size of Youtube, it cannot simply be dumped into an archive, and crates must be partitioned out for volunteers to carry off, in the same spirit of the Archive Team.


Bibliotheca Anonoma

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