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The Book of Anon

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The basic idea of this project is to take the Bible as a template and change it so that it reflects the belief and culture of Anon.

This was planned to be the holy book of The Church of Anon. Because of it's useful historical content, much of the Books have been incorporated into other parts of this library.

Book list

Prayers and Ceremonies

  1. Prayers of Anon (Book of Common Prayers to strengthen anons without blackup.)

Old Excrement

  1. The Book of Genesis - The creation of the internet and the coming of Anon and Femanon in the Garden of Random. Completed. Should be renamed. Book of First Post, Book of Memesis, Book of 1 GET
  2. The Book of bday (Exodus, how Capn freed the btards and took them to 7chan)(In Progress)
  3. The Book of Tubes (Leviticus I, will be inspiredcopypastad from The Rules of the Internet)(In Progress)
  4. The Book of Insurgency (Leviticus II, will be inspiredcopypastad from The Rules of i). If a rulesuggestion doesn't fit in either book, it can be a beatitude to be put in another book.
  5. The Book of Numbers (Numbers, arrival at 7chan)(In Progress)
  6. The Book of Copypasta (Needs moar)
  7. The Book of Memes (Proverbs, all the memes out there) (In Progress)
  8. The Book of Gaia (completed but could use more lulz)
  9. The Book of Jailbait (Song of Solomon, erotic copypasta)
  10. The Book of Intentionally Left Blank (Completed)

New Excrement

  1. The Book of 4chan (Gospel about Raptor Jesus)
  2. The Book of 7chan (also Gospel)
  3. The Book of 420chan (also Gospel)
  4. The Book of 12chan (also Gospel)
  5. The Book of Raids (Alex Wuori, Hal Turner, Habbo, and all the other major achievements in Anon history)
  6. The Book of Loli (Blind Mute Loli story)(Re-Completed)
  7. The Book of Desu (Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu)(In Progress)
  8. The Book of Catnarok (Revelation, about the end of the world) (In Progress)

Christfag bible books (in order)

Old Testament:

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy
  6. Joshua
  7. Judges
  8. Ruth
  9. Samuel
  10. Kings
  11. Chronicles
  12. Ezra
  13. Nehemiah
  14. Tobias
  15. Judith
  16. Esther
  17. Machabees
  18. Job
  19. Psalms
  20. Odes
  21. Proverbs
  22. Ecclesiastes
  23. Song of Solomon
  24. Wisdom of Solomon
  25. Sirach
  26. Isaias
  27. Jeremias
  28. Lamentations
  29. Baruch
  30. Ezekiel
  31. Daniel

New Testament:

  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  4. John
  5. Acts
  6. Romans
  7. Corinthians 1
  8. Corinthians 2
  9. Galatians
  10. Ephesians
  11. Philippians
  12. Colossians,
  13. Thessalonians 1
  14. Thessalonians 2
  15. Timothy 1
  16. Timothy 2
  17. Titus
  18. Philemon
  19. Hebrews
  20. James
  21. Peter 1
  22. Peter 2
  23. John 1
  24. John 2
  25. John 3
  26. Jude
  27. Revelation

Suggestions and Comments

  • Unique spiritual texts, not mock-uments of jewfag and christfag bibles. (we're better than that)
  • 3-10 ceremonial descriptions (marriage, communion, burial rites, baptism, ect)
  • make it funnier, shit sucks
  • get ED involved
  • Why are there books not linked through here(Example; The Book of Jailbait)? Someone's got sum 'splainin to do.

It means that book doesnt exist Related: Lolcat Bible, we can use this for inspiration, pasta, ideas, etc. sure beats the hell out of the regular bible. I'm no fucking writer but is anyone actually working on the missing books? Seriously? I'll start asking around for writers, but you guys need to sort your shit out or take the book topic out. Also you should know that a spoof on the jewfag and christfag books would hardly be original or worth publishing. "We've gotta have SOME framework, might as well piss off the jewfags and christfags while we're at it. This is good for now. We can always changeedit it later."

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