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The Book of Memes

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Chapter 1 1:1 The Memes, sons of the internet, kings of spam: 1:2 for attaining lulz ; for propogating fail; 1:3 for acquiring a life made of win and poop, doing what is fail and full of AIDs; 1:4 for teaching us how to get real fast, knowledge of how to shot web- 1:5 let the /b/tards listen and add to their epic failure, and let the depressed an hero- 1:6 for understanding Memes and the ways of /b/, the sayings and copypasta of the collective. 1:7 The fear of Anonymous is the beginning of knowledge, for you gonna get raped. 1:8 Listen, comrades, to /i/nsurgency's instruction and do not forsake its teaching. 1:9 The Memes come from all corners of the interwebs, some come from the chans, some for something awful, others come from places unknown. 1:10 Many of the Memes created on the chans do not spread throughout the internutz like cancer, some say and linger at its place of origin like AIDs. 1:11 The lifespan of a Meme is easy to track; a Meme is born, and becomes popular local to its origin. 1:12 Compounded overuse causes the Meme to be burned into collective memory and distributed across the internet, and the meme reaches the bottom of the internet, also known as Ebaumsworld 1:13 In some cases the Meme goes even lower and surfaces IRL, and all potential win if sucked out of of the Meme as it makes the transition for the interbuttz to IRL. 1:14 Those that gave birth to the Meme are filled with regret, and this regret will be known as Troll's Remorse 1:15 The meme lives on, spreading, and becoming moar and moar dumbed down for a mass audience, so that over time it bears little or no resemblance to the original. 1:16 For the evil of a Meme to be banished, it must be tossed into the fires of Mount Doom by a rather unsuspecting hobbit. 1:17 Even if a Meme is banished, three to five years later it spontaneously resurfaces, and shall make its way to uncyclopedia, slashdot tags, and occasionally appearing on old media where if it has told no lies throughout its lifetime it finally becomes a real meme. 1:18 During the final throws of an internet meme's slow and painful death its visited by old friends and family who, upon seeing the agony the meme is suffering simultaneously facepalm and hope the whole mess would just end already so they can clean out its room and have a place to put all the gym equipment. Goodnight sweet prince!!!11!121111eleven! 1:19 The meme is then put on Snorg Tees and Facebook bumper stickers, completing the life that Longcat has intended for it. 1:20 However there are some Memes that try deviate from this cycle, and attempt to develop a personality, but there is no win without fail. All Memes that become win will spawn children of pure failure. 1:21 Some Memes are forced Memes. Forced Memes rarely succeed in becoming a real Meme. For example, Milhouse is not a Meme, but the act of saying that Milhouse is a Meme, has in itself become a Meme. 1:22 New Memes blink in and out of existance every day, these are not true Memes.

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