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The Newfags Guide to Anonymous

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The Newfag's Guide to Anonymous professes plans to be the largest and best organized guide for prospective anons, intermediates, and even experienced ones too. This guide will borrow data from various sources and put them together to make a easy-to-read and coherent guide

Table of Contents

We need to organize the mess below into a readable, coherent book. Place the results here when you're done.

The basics

Here's some basic knowledge that all prospective anons need to know.

  • An Open Letter to the World - An introductory pep talk, directed to all citizens of the world.
  • Welcome to Anonymous - A quick intro and some frequently asked questions about the group that has captured the imagination of the internet.

Play it safe

Nobody wants to hear the Partyvan knocking at their door. Learn to stay anonymous and secure from threats with this guide.

Raid Tactics

A bunch of tutorials detailing tactics for going rouge and raiding on your own.

  • Dox - An alternative attack method involves the doxing of the opponent; Basically, it means breaking their anonymity and publishing their personal information. This is not very difficult nor directly damaging, but it can mean big trouble for criminals.

Community Raids

Guides on how to go on a rampage with fellow anons.

  • DDoS Methods - DDoSing is usually the first shot in Anonymous's operations. It serves a dual purpose: as a method of protest, and a way to instantly get media coverage. In turn, it attracts more anons to a budding operation.


Python (or Ruby) -> Java -> C++

See the Programming Guide.


Some optional, but interesting reads.

  • Rise of Anonymous - The complete history of Anonymous. It starts all the way from 2006, when the early users of /b/ declared independence with a collection of new imageboards during the 4chan Civil War Era.
  • 4chan - The interestingly controversial site that bore Anonymous.


Here is a list of all the pages falling under the umbrella of the Newfag's Guide. These need lots of organization and editing, since many are more than a few years old.

Top Level





Social Networking

Basic Tutorial.3A Facebook Photo Stalker Enlarging Myspace Private Profile Pics MySpace Layouts MySpace Phishing Private Pics Myspace



Bibliotheca Anonoma

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