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The Well Cultured Anonymous

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The Well-Cultured Anonymous was a book compiled by frequenters of 4chan preserved for future generations on an early (original) incarnation of Wikichan. It provided tips on how to succeed and accomplish many tasks. It later had an "Un-Cultured" spinoff with TotSE-like advice on unscrupulous behaviour. Eventually Wikichan succumbed to DDoS attacks from ED, and the content was lost. Luckily, this book was one of the pages whose content was preserved, and uploaded below.

Social site

The owner of the old Wikichan eventually created a new social site named after this popular book. He called it for short, "Well Cultured". There, a blog and forum was hosted to review the original content and help build on it with conversations and suggestions about how to best implement it. The owner still may have some of Wikichan's original content, a boon much like the missing content of the newly-removed ED. A copycat Wikichan has now surfaced (a different extension, something like org/net/com) and lacks much of the original content. Some it has survived (such as Cheerios) but many, especially the voluminous "Stories" collection, such as "Sleeping Together", are still absent.

What is this?

This is a book written about a former Anon who thinks anonymous is all about CP and WoW. He explains how to stop being part of Anon and turn into an art appreciating, well read faggot. "You have seen them everywhere - self help topics of Anonymous begging for help with his life. Some people have no idea how they should dress other than wearing a Pantera t-shirt with jeans that their mother bought for them five years ago. Some have no idea how to approach women and spend their time masturbating to loli. And some just want to know if they should shave their pubes. Here, my friends, is your answer. Written by anon, edited by anon, and perfected by anon. Every single tip, trick, and barrel roll you will ever need to know without having to ask for help."

Who the hell made this?

This is a lost E-book from a long forgotten place known as wikichan. Wikichan was a website set up by users of *chan to save much of the content they had created. After crashing multiple times over a period of eight or nine months, Wikichan shut down permanently on 22 November 2007, and the sysop has disappeared without notice.


This book will teach 15 year old WoW players who live in their mother's basement how to make yourself seem normal to the outside world.

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