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Touchdown! Thurman Thomas!

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Touchdown! Thurman Thomas! THE LEGEND LIVES ON. “Touch Down! Thurman Thomas!”, as well as Thurman Thomas himself, is a /v/ related meme that many believe to be a forced meme, saying its appearance was due to spamming of the /v/ board by one person.

Thurman Thomas was a running back who played for the Buffalo Bills, and was considered a fairly valuable player. He appeared in the game Tecmo Super Bowl, a sports game for the original NES released in 1987 that is considered one of the best games the console had as well as one of the greatest games of all time.[1] It is from this game that his image became a meme, be it forced or not.

The associated picture, seen to the left, is the victory-screen seen when the player makes a touchdown with the one and only Thurman Thomas. It is this iconic pose that has inspired the view of Thurman Thomas as a human dynamo, capable of many, possibly super-human feats, and being unstoppable in anything he does.

Thurman Thomas, his pose and general image have been edited and tributed in a variety of ways, though many /v/irgins suspect it may have been done by one person.


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