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Translator's Note

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[[fansubbers = stupid]] On occassion fansubbers encounter words thrown out in anime that they wouldn't expect a viewer to be familiar with, usually because the term is rather obscure or thickly cultural/regional. In many instances, the fansubbers themselves are not familiar with the terms either, so for everyone's sake they embed a subtitle at the top of the viewing window detailing some elaboration on a word or background information. "*Translator's Note" became a meme when a screenshot of Milfeulle Sakuraba of Galaxy Angel started circulating around /a/. The single subtitle, "hai", was untranslated, and instead the fansubber put a translator's note at the top that said (we shit you not) ""hai" means "yes" in japanese". Now a common meme for mocking new or careless fansubbers, the most popular variant spoofs another meme Just as Planned as "Just according to keikaku" with "translator's note: keikaku means plan" (this version is where the "*Translator's Note" name comes from). Also used for not exceptionally common English words (some fansubbers apparently deem words like "debris" and "photosynthesis" worthy of a TL**). The TL and its companion, the "Cultural Note", are also used as a substitute for the classic /v/ meme PROTIP.

**Editor's Note: "TL" stands for "TransLation".
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