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Tripfag (short for tripcode fag) is a derogatory term for anyone who uses a tripcode. Just as some tripcode users bash Anonymous posting, so too do some Anonymous bash tripcode users. Anonymous's gripe stems from the perception that many (but not all) tripcode users try to use their posts to gain personal accolades, whereas Anonymous prefers having the commentary directed at the post itself instead of the poster. Why anyone would actively seek out approval and flattery from people so warped and twisted as the 4channers is almost as unfathomable as why people bother arguing about tripcodes and anonymous posting in the first place. Flame wars and shitstorms over the merits (or lack thereof) of posting with a tripcode were growing increasingly common on /b/ prior to the institution of Forced Anonymous.

Normal tripcodes can be cracked with only mild difficulty, but secure tripcodes, which are identified by having double exclamation point ("!!") after the tripfag's name, are nearly impossible to work out (or stylize, for that matter). It is common knowledge that secure tripcodes are for jerks, and those who use them are mocked even more mercilessly than ordinary tripfags.

An even more insulting term called "tripfriend" has arisen in worksafe boards, originating from /a/ after a tripfag named moonlander "delivered" on Ultimate Survivor Kaiji OST rips. While the initial use was affectionate, Anonymous quickly shit on its new sacred meme by using it on very asshole, annoying tripfags, creating stigma whenever posted. Use of "tripfriend" has declined massively since early 2008, proving that even trolls can get bored of trying to irritate 4chan.

Entering #faggot (moot's tripcode) or the tripcodes of banned tripfag trolls (such as Meru Otonashi#merumeru) activates (or at least used to activate) a global auto-ban and a permanent block from 4chan. Try it today!

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