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Tutorial Drive 2009

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{{sucks}} After a turbulent year of moralfaggotry, we feel that it is time to once again return to our roots. As such, we here at the wiki are trying to re-organize things, add new tools, methods, raids, etc. But we need your help. This is a call to all skilled /i/nsurgents: GIVE US YOUR AXE! If you are good with scripting, doxing, raiding, etc, consider contributing a tutorial to the w/i/ki. The w/i/ki staff will assist with formatting and making things pretty, so just worry about content. Below is the format for contributing to the tutorial drive. Go ahead and edit this page to contribute.

Tutorial Ideas


Done. Tutorial uploaded for IRC BOTNETS (step-by-step, newfags)

The moar leet guide to advanced networking

Contains things such as IP spoofing, and most importantly, how to break into a computer. (From there you just have to edit the HTML in the webpages, amrite?)


hey, Im gonna throw together a pretty good Qbasic tutorial, mostly using stuff from petesQB tutorial (which is a classic tutorial on the language). The reason im letting you know this here is so that noone goes "LOLQBASIC IS USELESS" and deleted my tutorial Qbasic is useful for people who are preparing to learn Visual Basic or something, or hackers (not script kiddies) who want to mess around with trying to remake, exploit, etc, old Qbasic programs. Enjoy. done, here is link: Qbasic


Stay tuned for a tutorial on one of the most versatile scripting languages ever conceived.


How about some tutorials on digging up information on people? Cross referencing?

  • see: Doxing for Dummies


Guides By Ydrahs


Doxing for Dummies




  • Some tutorials we wrote over at the EFG Wiki, but we're going strictly IRL, so we're linking to OL stuff on Partyvan from now on. These pages are submitted as is, feel free to edit them to your liking.




Pirating Shit <- A skill everyone should know.


Found this E-book, trust me, it deserves to be in the tutorial section.


  • I have a small forkbomb creation tutorial brewing, and some other shit for fucking with Windows coming up. Stay tuned.

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