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Useful Regex Expressions

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Mass Filename editing

Rename all .mdwn to .md

for file in *.mdwn ; do mv $file echo $file | sed 's/\(.*\.\)mdwn/\1md/' ; done

Replace all underscores with dashes

for file in *; do [ -f "$file" ] && ( mv "$file" "$(echo $file | sed -e 's/_/-/g')" ); done

Add file extension to every file

find . -type f -exec mv '{}' '{}'.mediawiki ;

Recursively replace spaces with dashes

find . -type f -exec mv '{}' "$(echo '{}' | sed -e 's/ /-/g')" ;

rename every *.htm file *.html

for f in *htm ; do mv $f basename $f htmhtml; done

Space to underscores, append .mp3

for e in *; do mv "$e" "echo $e | sed -e 's/\ /_/g'.mp3"; done

Useful Regexes

Italics (mediawiki to markdown)


f: ''(.+)'' r: \1

Replace all broken mediawiki links with fixed wikilinks (Currently does not detect this:) 4chan Threads -> 4chan)

ex. 4chan

f: [(\w+)](/\w+) r: \1

Replace all broken mediawiki board links with fixed wikilinks

ex. /b/ -> /b/

f: [/(\w+)/](//\w+/) r: /\1/

Replace Mediawiki titles with Markdown ones (flawed: MUST have spaces between equal signs)

ex. == Title == -> ## Title ## OR === Subtitle === -> ### Subtitle

f: =+ (.+) =+ r: ## \1 ##

Replace Mediawiki quotes with Markdown quotes

ex. : (quote here) --> > (quote here)

f: \n: r: \n>

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