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Welcome anons and internet users alike, I will cover the basics you need to know in order to do this successfully: Note: The chances of you getting caught ( and consequently arrested) for this are minscule however it is always possible that you could. This is why we are going to use a vpn.


What does a VPN do? A VPN essentially masks your own IP, and replaces it with the IP of the tunnel you are connecting through. Thus making it very difficult to trace you back - not impossible however.

Paid VPN's (SAFE): We Suggest: - The service have been started its for 49 SEK permonth - 6 CHF/month, reliable - €5/month. Can pay with ukash so completely anon. > logs IPs > logs IPs > logs IPs

Free VPN's (These are useless as they keep logs):

ProXPN - This is a free VPN trial. Sign up on the website using FAKE information apart from the email address which you will need to use to verify the account. Use for a temporary email address. Once it is downloaded, follow the install procedure and then connect to the VPN network - during the trial version you have to use a Miami IP. Using the internet becomes painstakingly slow and you WILL disconnect from the irc after connection.

PrivateTunnel - Same setup as for ProXPN, however the trial has a day limit. Slightly faster however.

DoSing the servers: - Windows/Linux Easy to use system, when it has downloaded for your appropriate OS please install and choose to use either tcp or udp packets. - Linux This script is a http DoS script, you MUST have perl installed. - Windows. Much like hping, this is more powerful than LOIC and very easy to use, install and it should be clear from there. HPING COMMAND: hping -i u1 -S -p 80 (site)

Twitter: @ZyrionAnon I am not responsible for any of the actions committed by using these programs, I do not condone using them to attack and websites or servers.

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