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This is a list of every cool video that needs to be saved in the event of an emergency.

Due to the size of such videos, we won't save videos in this wiki, at least until a better way to distribute them is made.

List guidelines

* [title of video](http://link-to-vid.eo)
  * [mirror links](http://link-to-mirr.or)
  * Put your video description here.


  • GTA: San Andreas - Lucky Star Mod

    • Original on NicoNicoDouga
    • This is the most surreal gunfighting by Kagami that you will see in a while. Includes a Doraemon gang skin, Metal Gear as the FBI, and Pikachu as the po-po.
  • [Thai Life Insurance Commericals]

    • The Thai Life Insurance Commercials are a set of commercials produced by a Thai Life Insurance company and aired on Thai TV that feature extremely sad stories where (Thai) people do things to remember their family or otherwise support their loved ones. While this is usually seen on most Life Insurance commercials, these are done in such oddly touching ways that they have become incredibly popular online, being posted frequently on /b/ and more recently /a/.

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