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WOT is a corruption of W.O.T., which stands for Web Of Trust.
With WOT you can damage the trustworthiness of EVERY website on the internet.
If the rating is damaged, people can't visit the site properly because of annoying warnings on every page.

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WOT allows users to add their input on the safety of a website ranging from very dangerous to very safe, based on how safe they believe a website to be. WOT estimates the overall reputation of a website through a combination of user ratings and the incorporation of gaining and earning trust, which is calculated through an activity score. The activity score is a number given based on the number of websites rated, comments left, and forum posts made. This equates to a ranking, based on how high the number, and gives the titles of rookie-, bronze-, silver-, gold-, or platinum-level rater. The higher the score, the more your individual rating makes a difference in the overall reputation, combined with others' ratings, blacklists, and trusted sources, and is displayed to users upon entering a website or viewing it in search results.

tl;dr Version

  • Ratings:
    • Rate enemy websites giving them a 0 in each of the 4 categories.
    • Give many other sites ratings to increase your influence, as your votes become stronger as you contribute.
  • Comments
    • Give enemy websites red comments, which give them 1 red point in the category.
    • Vote red comments up for 1 extra point in that category.
    • Vote green comments down to delete 1 point and make them invalid if they have a negative score.
Side note: You get your activity points after a few hours to a few days, so don't cry around.

Known exploits

Unlimited possibilities

  1. Go to MyWOT.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner. (If you don't have one, register one.)
  3. Go to the "Edit" tab next to your username on the left.
  4. Scroll down and click "Delete".
  5. Confirm deletion.
  6. Make a new username.
  7. Repeat ratings, comments, and ratings of comments on target website.


  1. Make a red comment.
  2. Reload page.
  3. Make another comment in another red category.

Exploits that should be made

A macro for that rates a huge list of sites, so you can gain massive amounts of activity points.



partyvan faggots be voting us down

Trustworthiness 14% 83% 87%%
Vendor reliability 12% 76% 88%
Privacy 12% 79% 89%
Child Safety 11% 23% 75%
Good site 2 11
Useful, informative 2 35
Good customer experience 7
Child friendly 1
Spam 85
Annoying ads or popups
Bad customer experience 134
Fraud, scam, phishing 510
Malicious content, viruses 69
Browser exploit
Spyware or adware
Adult content 19
Hateful, violent or illegal content 163
Useless 38
Other 22
This site has a
poor reputation.
Everything is fine,
if the child safety
is not activated.
COMBINED RATING File:Danger.png File:Trusted.png File:Trusted.png

Do NOT mess with the chart, if you have no experience with WikiTables.
If you ask politely, any sysop will make you such a chart for your raid too.


Don't forget to advertise a little bit for WOT to make sure every user of the target site has it! Category:Tools Category:Tutorials Category:Methods Category:Sites

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