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WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is the battle cry of Dio Brando, the vampire nemesis of Joseph Joestar, star of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, made popular by a flash featuring a stick figure (assumed to be Dio Brando) dropping a steamroller on his victim. While the character and the noise originate in the Japanese manga, the stance of the stick figure, the use of vehicles as weapons, and the sound file itself were taken specifically from a Capcom fighting game based on the manga.

It is pronounced "REEEEEEEE", NOT "Rye", as is the common misconception.

The meme inspired a series of parody/tribute movies called WRYYYYYYOWNED, where Dio uses his special moves to put the hurt on various overly-reposted Flash movies and characters on 4chan.

Dio actually does throw a steamroller on Jojo at the end of part 3 of the manga.


The meme has been seen as WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, a reference to Nintendo's console, but with Dio Brando replaced with Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 2 & 3, and the steamroller replaced with the Wii console.

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