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Sitting around writing reports for six hours. A walk in wants to talk. Talk to walk in, who's cousin is an engineer, engineer wants to go to America. Go to engineers house in civilian clothes. Hope engineer isn't MUJIZ and wants to cut your head off on the Internet. Start intelligence collection. That stuff is fun, there is a lot of sitting around playing hearts or spades. You're always hungry, thirsty too hot or too cold or you haven't slept in days. Everyone pretty much hates you and wants to cut your head off, again, on the Internet. Oh, and IEDs. They suck and come out of nowhere. You aren't fighting for your country... You are fighting for the guys who you came over with, they are your best friends, your family, hell they are closer than your family and you would do anything, give anything to make sure they get back inside the wire safely. You chafe a lot because it's hot and you're constantly sweating. Now, if I don't have a piece I fell naked. I hate crowds and most days/nights I would rather just stay home than deal with a fucking crowd. Sometimes firefights start out loud as fuck but other times it's completely silent, no idea if thats because of adrenaline or your ears shut down because of noise trauma. Loud noises make me jump sometimes. You know that asshole on the street shot at you yesterday and you want to blow his head off but he doesn't have his rifle today so you can't. I hate COD and similar games. Kids are cool sometimes but sometimes the grown ups give them guns and tell them to shoot at you, you shoot the kids, guns go boom no matter what age you are, when you leave the grown ups take the guns away and take pictures and say oh my god the Americans are shooting kids. You feel like a real piece of shit for a long time. If anyone knew what war was like before they signed up they would probably tell that recruiter to go fuck himself, the best things about it are the friends you make. Most of them will be closer than family and will have your back unconditionally. No. Matter. What. Thats a taste.

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