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Wget is the /i/nsurgent's Swiss army knife. With knowing how to edit and set up batch scripts, you can basically have it do anything. From simple recursive downloading aka Bandwidth Raep, to making it a forum flooder, to simple downloading of a whole website or pictures like hooeg .jpg files that would otherwise make your browser crash, were you to look at them. Its features include recursive download, conversion of links for offline viewing of local HTML, support for proxies, and much more. It appeared in 1996, coinciding with the boom of popularity of the web, causing its wide use among Unix users and distribution with most major Linux distributions. Written in portable C, Wget can be easily installed on any Unix-like system and has been ported to diverse environments.


With a bit of imagination, brainz and RTFMing, which Anonymous seems to have no lack of, delicious raep can be achieved. To use wget in combination with Tor and Privoxy in their default configurations, use wget -e "http_proxy = http://ip:port/" "http://content". Slow, but anonymous. The real raep: 666 instances of wget --limit-rate=1 Just restart sometimes. What this does is downloading the target at a very low speed, so the connection stays alive for a loooong time. There's a maximum number of connections that a site can take. Using this method you can effectively raep many sites ALONE and still have enough bandwidth for BitTorrent. It has been confirmed that this even works on a 28k line.

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