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Whites are self loathing turds

Antonizoon edited this page Aug 13, 2014 · 3 revisions

I have no clue where this crap is meant to be posted or where it even came from. It comes from 4chan so post it somewhere on there.

Original Copypasta

White people are self-loathing turds who are afraid of everything. You hate black people because they supposedly aren't productive enough in society. So you faggots should love the Jews right? No, you insecure pussies hate them too because they fucking beat you at your own shit. Same with Asians, you hate them because they’re too smart. You never hear Asians whining like goddamn white retards about blacks getting affirmative action. Mexicans want to come here to WORK. No, no, we can’t have more productive members of society, they’ll steal your shitty job at McDonald’s or what the fuck ever. Must suck to be a white guy. Your dicks are smaller than blacks, you’re dumber than Asians and jews, and Mexicans are harder workers. Fuck, even white women are slowly but surely becoming more educated and successful than you faggots. Enjoy reveling in your past achievements. Soon white guys will have nothing to do, while blacks fuck their women, Jews, Asians and women run everything, and Mexicans do all the shit jobs. Oppression can only hide your inadequacies for so long.


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