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Windows xp performance

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If you want to enhance your WinXP performance follow this three step progam:

  1. Deinstall XP
  2. Eat a cock for being a gay member of this lame community of bedwetters and wannabe hackers
  3. Install 7.

Table of Contents

General Maintenance

Check your disk for errors

  1. Go to Start, Run, type "cmd", OK, type "chkdsk C: /r /x"
  2. Select yes and let it run on the next restart
  3. This can take many hours so don't restart until you goto bed

Cookies and net stuff

Delete your internet cookies and junk if you haven't done it in awhile, you should do this at least once a week.

  • In Internet Explorer, Tools->options->general tab for browsing history, change the settings to something good and then do a delete
  • In Firefox, choose the Tools->options->privacy tab, change the settings and then clear the data
  • In Chrome, Tools -> Options -> Under the Bonnet -> Clear Browsing Data. Check everything that's relevant.

Delete extra temp files

Noob way: Make sure can see hidden files

  1. Open windows explorer
  2. Tools-> folder options -> view
  3. Enable "show hidden files and folder" and uncheck "hide protected operating system files"
Now tiem to delete stuff
  1. Start - Run - %temp% (temporary files in user folder)
  2. You can delete all those files: edit->selectall->then delete
  3. Start - Run - temp (temporary files in %windir%)
  4. You can delete all those files: edit->selectall->then delete
  5. Start - Run - %windir%\prefetch
  6. You can delete all those files: edit->selectall->then delete
Find any extra temp files
  1. Start menu - search - files and folders
  2. Choose "all files and folders," may take some time
  3. Search: *.tm?
  4. Delete all the ones you can, some may be currently in use by programs running on the comp
Pro way:
  1. Download CCleaner
  2. Install and run CCleaner
  3. You're done.

Check for spyware and virii

The following programs remove all kinds of shit.

  1. Spyware - Adaware and/or Spybot
  2. Anti-virus - AVG or Avira AntiVirAvast AntiViravast has boot level scanning and automatic updates
  3. ESET- Download from the official site then proceed to goto this pastebin for ESET/NOD32 serials I will update every week,
  4. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - Download this and scan and do a full scan cause you have root kits I bet.
Make sure scheduled scans and updates are enabled at least once a week

Now make comp faster time


  1. Right click on desktop->properties->themes tab
  2. Change theme to Windows Classic
  3. Screensaver tab
  4. Make it so no screensaver and apply
  5. User power saving if you want the screen to turn off

Turning stuff off that's useless to gain back POWAH

Last access

  1. start menu->run, type in cmd, press enter
  2. "fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1" into the cmd and press enter, no quotes
    • Out of the kindness of my heart, I've created a .bat which will do this for you -- get it here. It's no virus; check it yourself.

Disable short filenames

  1. In the same command prompt enter "fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 1" without quotes


  1. Start menu -> control panel -> fonts
  2. Delete fonts that you never use/won't use
  3. If you wanna save them just in case, you can, just make a different folder and zip them up so the comp won't delete them


  1. Start menu -> control panel -> add/remove programs
  2. Take off any you don't use and won't be using


  1. my computer->right click on hard drive
  2. click box to make indexing off and apply, let it run, will take awhile

Starting up faster and staying a little faster cause shit wont be going always


  1. Startmenu->run, type msconfig press enter
  2. Go over to the Startup tab, click disable all, and enable what you only really need at startup, virus and firewall stuffs mainly, on laptops can be moar wireless and button stuffs as well
  3. Go to the services tab now
  4. check the box to hide all Microsoft services, we don't wanna disable Microsoft things we need to run comp
  5. Now set things you don't use to manual startup
  6. Apply and done

Useless services go away


With default Windows defragmenter

  1. My computer -> right click on drive to defrag->properties->tools, defrag
  2. click defrag
  3. have it do it about 2 or 3 times so it'll be all done, each time it'll go faster

With specialized software

  • Microsoft Bootvis, defragments files that can't be defragmented while Windows is running (like boot files)
  • O&O Defrag, more defrag options than default defragger
  • Raxco PerfectDisk, also more options and statistics
  • UniBlue Registry Booster, Does what you thought Windows Optimizer was supposed to do, except IRL. Microsoft Certified so no system32 worries.
  • Defraggler, more options and statistics, no cost (i.e. no hassle over pirating it).
  • MyDefrag, more options than default defragger, and unlike all the previous ones, it is GNU free.

Further performance tweek

Desktop graphics performance

  1. Now go over to the advanced tab and then click on performance settings
  2. Adjust for best performance


  1. Start menu->right click on My Computer->properties->general tab.
  2. Near the bottom of it, it says how much RAM you have, remember that.
  3. Go to advanced tab under performance options.
  4. Go to virtual memory, click change.
  5. If you have more than one harddrive move the paging file to whichever one has the least amount of data access and is the fastest, don't have the pagefile on the OS/Applications drive unless it's your only one.
  6. Remember how much RAM you have? Set the paging file to be custom size and your initial size as 2 times the size of your RAM and the max size as 2 times the size of your RAM.
  7. Click set and okay and apply it all.


  1. Open regedit
  2. Find hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\control\session manager\memory management\
  3. Dwords LargeSystemCache and DisablePagingExecutive both set to 1
  4. Please note that changing LargeSystemCache to 1 does not change performance according to this source.

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