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AstraDotNet Demo

This is a simple .Net solution to demonstrate working with Orbbec Astra (Pro) depth sensors from C#.


  • Visualization of depth and color streams
  • Visualization of body tracking (as stick skeletons over depth map)
  • Calculation of actual frame rate (FPS, frames per second)
  • Support for multiple sensors connected to one PC
  • Registration mode switcher for depth stream (registration allows to align depth map with color image)
  • Any CPU (support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures)

How to use:

  • Open AstraDotNetDemo.sln in Visual Studio 2017
  • Build and run AstraTestWpf application (F5)
  • All required binaries and libraries are already in repository (see externals folder) and are copied automatically to output directory during build

Known issues in Astra SDK:

  1. For Astra PRO actual frame rate is not exactly 30 FPS. It is about 29.7 FPS for depth only mode, and about 28.5 FPS for depth+color mode.
  2. When more than one sensor is connected to one and the same PC, the following limitations take place:
  • For Astra PRO sensors: lowering of frame rate to 15 FPS if color stream is on
  • For Astra PRO sensors: you can see live color stream only from one sensor (black screen for other sensors)
  • Body (skeletal) tracking doesn't work if it is turned on for more than one sensor
  1. Wrong information about field-of-view for color stream.
  2. Donot unplug sensor while application is running. In other case application may crash on exit.

Stuff used to make this:


Astra SDK is licensed under Apache v2.0 and includes components of OpenNI and OpenCV projects.

This sample code is licensed under MIT license.