@biblepay biblepay released this Oct 1, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

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  • Adding Attachments: In QT | Send BBP | Click Attach File: Add IPFS Attached Document. This allows the user to upload a file with a transaction, share on IPFS,
    and a recipient to receive the document.
    In RPC: Added 'exec ipfsadd document'

  • In QT Transaction List | Double click a transaction | View Description Dialog: IPFS Download Document Button (Allows opening an attachment), IPFS View Document link, and AltLink
    Added icon to txlist for tx's with IPFS attachments

  • Added How To install IPFS: InstallingIPFS_Ubuntu64.md

  • Added exec ipfsget hash filename (download an IPFS file), exec ipfslist (hosted hashes in biblepay)

  • Added exec ipfsquality - The report of Sancs who are ENABLED and corresponding IPFS quality levels

  • Added ability for Sancs to check each others IPFS health levels

  • Added spork to support no PODC team requirement, and spork for PODC team blacklisting, and spork for non-biblepay-team payment percentage

  • Fixed the root cause of prior fork (Removed fMining flag) and prevented miner log-spam, Modified checkblock consensus to be stricter to help
    prevent future forks

  • Added future Sanc consensus reward for IPFS (hosted_file_percent * sanc_uptime * reward) achieved through voting (this is OFF in prod)

  • Added dedicated IPFS receive address so we can track total IPFS fees

  • Added spork for signed prayer enforcement (potentially reducing graffiti)

  • Refactor sanctuary magnitude assessment process

  • Added IPFS fee disclosure to Fee Validation dialog, charge a specific fee per KB uploaded (set by spork)

  • Added Contact Add page (this also handles View, Edit and Delete), allows the user to store a contact associating a public key with an optional e-mail and long/lat (this is for the future
    Christian camp, data is stored in IPFS, and is entirely optional, we support GDPR/Delete)

  • Added business object serialization to serialize objects into IPFS, and serialize/deserialize in JSON

  • Added RSA file and string encryption (for symmetric business object serialization and user permissions)

  • Added ability to send BBP via e-mail (exec emailbbp e-mailaddress amount), and phase 1 of Church Tithing

  • Change default privatesend amounts *1000, fix milliBBP display issue

  • Added BusinessObject List, View and Navigate Grid

  • Added GospelLink Add (exec addgospellink url notes)

  • Added ability to store a businessobject schema in IPFS and respect the schema

  • BOINC: Added Ease-of-Use for New-Users buttons in QT DC Page: "Run R@H Diagnostics" Button: Detects if Boinc is installed, if account exists, if project attached, generates
    report with suggested fixes. (This report also displays a warning if user UTXO is low).
    A mirror of this RPC added: 'exec rosettadiagnostics', displays info textually.

  • Added QT DC Button 'Create and Attach R@H Account': This button will automatically create a RAH account (if one does not exist) and sign up, attach the project (if not
    attached), start the tasks, and update the display. A mirror of this is now in the RPC: 'exec attachrosetta user pass'.

  • Added Rosetta task count to DC page UI.